Details of the massive airstrike in Ukraine

Kyiv faced many missile strikes from different sides

by Sead Dedovic
Details of the massive airstrike in Ukraine
© Pierre Crom / Getty Images News

Overnight and this morning, the Russian army launched a big attack on cities in Ukraine. They fired 110 rockets and some drones, but most were stopped. Places like Kyiv, Lviv, Dnipropetrovsk, Odesa, Kharkiv, Zaporozhye, and Sumy got hit.

Kyiv faced many missile strikes from different sides. Ukrainian defenses stopped over 30 attacks. Nine people died, and about 30 got hurt in Kyiv. Buildings, including a metro station, were damaged, and there were fires in different parts of the city.

In Lviv, drones hit a home, and other houses, schools, and a company got damaged. One person died, and around 30 got hurt, including two kids.

In Kharkiv, there were about 20 hits. Three people lost their lives, 13 were injured, and some are seriously injured. The city's places like hospitals and businesses got affected.

Dnipropetrovsk got hit at a shopping place and a hospital for babies. At least six died, and 30 got hurt, including a kid. Some are really hurt.

Odesa got attacked with drones and rockets, causing four deaths and at least 22 injuries, including kids. Two are in a really bad condition.

Zaporozhye got attacked on companies, a house, and a tall building. Seven died, and 13 got hurt. There might be more people stuck in the ruins.

Sumy also got hit. The Russians shot rockets at Konotop, injuring three people. A home and a car place got damaged.

UN Security Council

At the UN Security Council, Russia got in trouble for big missile and drone attacks on Ukraine, making everyone have a meeting in a hurry. 

The UN person talked about how bad things are for Ukrainians in 2023, with fighting making them hide and bury people even when it's really cold. 

The US, France, and Britain were mad about the attacks, but China wanted talking, not blaming. Russia said they only attacked military places and blamed Ukraine for hurting regular people. The UN boss said Russia's attacks break the rules and must stop right away.