The Israelis plan to hire 10,000 Palestinians due to a labor shortage


The Israelis plan to hire 10,000 Palestinians due to a labor shortage
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Israel is thinking of hiring 10,000 Palestinians for projects outside its cities due to a shortage of workers. Yehuda Morgenstern, from Israel's Ministry of Construction and Housing, suggested this in an interview.  This caused a large number of reactions around the world. Many do not understand why Israelis decide to do such things and what motives are hidden in this story.

The plan is to increase the number of foreign construction workers to 70,000 from 50,000. This aims to help with the lack of workers caused by the conflict. Around 80,000 Palestinian workers can't come to Israel after an attack by Hamas. The attack by Hamas created enormous problems for the Palestinians, which they still feel. It seems that this was the biggest mistake in the recent history of Palestine.

Morgenstern explains her statement: The plan

Morgenstern said that building in Israel takes longer now because there aren't enough workers. The plan is to get 20,000 workers without agreements with their countries. They'll be from China, India, Sri Lanka, and Moldova. About 10,000 are expected in the first part of the year. Israelis, like many countries around the world, have problems with the lack of labor. Precisely because of this, the Israelis are taking certain steps to attract the workforce and complete the projects they have in mind in 2024.

Even if the 80,000 Palestinian workers return, more workers will be helpful. The Ministry wants to bring in 10,000 Palestinians for projects outside cities, working with local mayors.

Israelis want to invest huge money in the country and move in the right direction. The goal is to progress as much as possible, and the year 2024 will only be the beginning of certain projects. The Israeli government intends to do great things. The residents of Israel are happy with this kind of information, and they hope that their country will progress from year to year.