A Ukrainian official firmly rejects the idea of freezing the conflict with Russia

Despite differing opinions on resolving the conflict, immediate negotiations with Russia are considered unacceptable

by Sead Dedovic
A Ukrainian official firmly rejects the idea of freezing the conflict with Russia
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Andriy Jermak, head of the Ukrainian President's Office, discussed peace talks with Russia, emphasizing Ukraine's refusal to accept a frozen conflict. Speaking after a meeting in Davos, he expressed confidence in continued support from allies like the USA and Europe.  Jermak is aware that without the support of Europe and the world, Ukraine has an almost impossible task. In moments when they defend themselves firmly, and when the opponent fails to make much progress, they must continue to receive support. Ukrainians are in the most difficult times in the history of this country, and any help is crucial at this moment.

Despite differing opinions on resolving the conflict, immediate negotiations with Russia are considered unacceptable. Jermak also expressed regret over China's absence in peace talks and mentioned Ukraine's goal to invite Beijing. Ukrainian Defense Minister Rustem Umerov reaffirmed the country's strategic aim: a return to the 1991 borders.

There are many important personalities from the world of politics who advocate peace and hope that Russia and Ukraine will succeed in reaching a peace agreement. However, in such an environment and atmosphere, it is a bit unrealistic that there will be peace between these two countries. During the peace negotiations, both countries would have to agree to a compromise. Not a single peace agreement in history has been signed without compromise. Political analysts and experts ask the question: How ready is Vladimir Putin, as well as Zelenskyy, to compromise and achieve peace?  Time will tell the best

Swiss Foreign Minister Ignazio Cassis wants peace

Swiss Foreign Minister Ignazio Cassis said that to achieve peace in Ukraine, it's important to include Russia in the talks. He stressed that peace won't happen if Russia is not involved. Cassis explained that Ukrainians need peace, especially during their harsh winter.

Ignazio Cassis
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The meeting in Davos follows Switzerland's tradition of promoting peace. 

This gives indications that individuals fear the fate of Ukraine and that this war could experience major changes in the coming period. In addition, there is a huge fear of the conflict spreading to other European countries. It is known that Russians throughout history have always been combative and never wanted to give up. Does their leader have the same thinking? Absolutely YES, at least judging by the decisions that he made during his political career.

The World Economic Forum in Davos, starting tomorrow, will have leaders from 100 countries discussing important topics like making the world safer, creating jobs, using artificial intelligence, and planning for the environment.

War, like any other, always brings out the worst in people. All wars in the past have caused the worst things to surface. How far things go is shown by the case that appeared in Russia, which surprised many.

Alexei Uminsky faces the possibility of being expelled from the Russian Orthodox Church

A priest, Alexei Uminsky, might be kicked out of the Russian Orthodox Church for refusing to say a prayer asking for Russia to win over Ukraine. The church court said he broke his priestly promise and might lose his position, pending approval from the church leader, Patriarch Kirill, who supports President Putin.

This shows how the church stops people who disagree with them while supporting Putin's actions in Ukraine, says The Guardian. Uminsky refused to say a required prayer, and other priests have been punished for disagreeing with the church on the war.

Uminsky, known for helping people, was fired just before Christmas after serving as a senior priest for 30 years.

Many believe that this shows enough how far Russian leaders and politicians are willing to go to show their authority. Such reactions on the part of Russian politicians are the reason why the citizens of Russia are silent at the moment and have no concrete reaction. There are certainly a large number of Russian citizens who are against the war in Ukraine, but no one has the courage at the moment to openly oppose it, considering the consequences that could follow.

World leaders express their concern about the current events in Ukraine, and also in the Middle East. What we could see in the last year, as well as in 2022, looked terrible. This reminded the population of the worst times in the history of mankind. It is to be hoped that we will never again see the scenes that we had the opportunity to see in the 20th century. Today's politics should focus on peace and problem-solving. However, it seems that there is no concrete reaction from anyone regarding the events in Ukraine and Palestine.

Let 2024 be a chance to achieve peace. We hope that this year will bring much better things in the world and that we will finally see peace on the whole planet.

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