Six Arrested in Bold Attempt to Shut Down London Stock Exchange


Six Arrested in Bold Attempt to Shut Down London Stock Exchange
© Getty Images/Jack Taylor

The London Metropolitan Police announced the arrest of six individuals linked to a suspected plot to disrupt the operations of the London Stock Exchange (LSE). The arrests, made on Sunday, were a part of a proactive response to a potential threat that was intended to hinder the normal functioning of the stock exchange on Monday.

Quick Response to a Potential Crisis

The police investigation was initiated following a tip-off from the Daily Express newspaper on Friday. The information indicated that members of the Palestine Action group were planning to target the exchange on Monday morning with the aim of causing damage and preventing it from opening for trading.

Metropolitan Police, in coordination with Merseyside Police in Liverpool, moved swiftly to apprehend the suspects. Detective Superintendent Sian Thomas of the Metropolitan Police highlighted the significance of these arrests. “These are significant arrests.

We believe this group was ready to carry out a disruptive and damaging stunt which could have had serious implications had it been carried out successfully,” she stated. Thomas also expressed gratitude to the Daily Express for their crucial role in providing the information that led to the timely intervention by the police.

The Modern LSE and the Activist Group’s Agenda

It is noteworthy that the LSE has not had a physical trading floor since 1986, with all equities trading now conducted electronically. Despite the alleged plot, UK markets functioned normally on Monday.

The target of the suspected disruption, the London Stock Exchange, chose not to comment on the situation. Palestine Action, the group implicated in the plot, is known for its activism aimed at disrupting operations of weapons manufacturers that supply the Israeli government.

The group, in a post on social media, accused the LSE of raising “billions of pounds for the apartheid state of Israel” and claimed that the exchange “actively” supported Israeli businesses. Following the arrests, Palestine Action stated on social media that five of the six activists had been released, with the remaining individual charged with an offense and due to appear in court shortly.