What is the secret document revealed by Bild of alleged Russia-NATO war


What is the secret document revealed by Bild of alleged Russia-NATO war
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A possible war between Russian and Germany? A Third World War scenario with military mobilization figures and development on the ground month after month? Then hundreds of thousands of NATO soldiers for the conflict between Russia and the Atlantic Alliance in the summer of 2025.

According a secret document from the German Ministry of Defense revealed by Bild, this is a possible scenario of a war between Vladimir Putin and NATO. "Whether Russia will be dissuaded from deploying NATO remains an open question in the exercise scenario," Bild underlines.

Kremlin branded as a hoax while a Berlin Defense spokesperson was quick to define it as part of extremely unlikely scenarios resulting from daily military activity, especially training. Meanwhile, we already know that the maneuvers are In July there is speculation of heavy cyber attacks and other forms of hybrid warfare" and Russian instigation of its own ethnic minorities in the Baltic to launch a large-scale maneuver called Zapad 2024, with 50,000 troops in western Russia and Belarus starting since September.

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An alleged war between Russian and NATO?

before, the scenario outlined by the Bundeswehr is entitled Defense Alliance 2025 writes the German newspaper, and starts from February 2024, with a recall into service of another 200,000 Russian soldiers followed by a spring offensive with important successes by June.

From December 2024 there would be a border conflict while the United States could be leaderless for a few weeks following the possible electoral defeat of Joe Biden. The Ukrainian one is a peace formula that follows principles that are unacceptable due to Moscow's expansive claims.

Thus, fighting continues on the ground, with Kiev claiming to have shot down two Russian military aircraft, a long-range radar-detecting A-50 and an Il-22, in a successful operation, the air force said Ukraine. Ukraine has the potential to win, Zelensky reiterated, trying to show optimism while doubts remain about aid from Western countries.

The funds
Americans are finished, and the approvals of the US Congress and the EU have still not arrived for the billions of military support key to Kiev's resistance against the invasion.

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