Ukrainian President Zelenskyy Pushes for Dual Citizenship in Landmark Proposal


Ukrainian President Zelenskyy Pushes for Dual Citizenship in Landmark Proposal
© Paul Morigi / Getty Images News

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has presented a bill to the Parliament, aiming to allow multiple citizenships. The proposed changes need to amend the current constitution, which currently doesn't allow additional citizenships.

Zelensky highlights the importance of ethnic Ukrainians abroad gaining Ukrainian citizenship, excluding citizens of the aggressor state, likely referring to Russia. This is an idea that has been in circulation for a long time, but it seems that the Ukrainian leader is ready to make certain moves that would make it easier for everyone.

Zelenskyy expresses gratitude to the Ukrainian diaspora for supporting the fight against Russian aggression. He announces that foreign volunteers assisting the country will be eligible for Ukrainian citizenship in the future.

The president's move, on Unity Day, is a symbolic gesture, emphasizing the need for parliamentary and Constitutional Court approval for constitutional amendments.

Volodymyr Zelensky understands the importance of the diaspora

Many times during the war, Zelenskyy emphasized the importance of support for Ukraine from the diaspora.

Ukrainians are scattered all over the world, and now it is necessary to help their country when it is going through the most difficult moments in its history. The fact is that Ukraine receives enormous help from its diaspora every day.

However, this will not be enough for them to survive the war and prepare for what awaits them. The world must react in a completely different way and provide the necessary help to the Ukrainians. In this environment, politicians and war analysts do not give Ukrainians much of a chance.

Zelenskyy understands that any kind of help is important for Ukrainians at this moment. The war lasted longer than many thought, and there are predictions that it will last for many more years. War is such that a lot can change in a short period of time.

When we say this, we mostly mean 'quick attacks' by the Russians, who are obviously coming up with a specific plan. The big countries of Europe and the world are on the move, and the fate of Ukraine will depend on them.