Boris Nadezhdin, moderate opposition, challenges Putin's two-decade rule

Citizens of Russia are not allowed to speak openly against Vladimir Putin

by Sead Dedovic
Boris Nadezhdin, moderate opposition, challenges Putin's two-decade rule
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Russians rally behind Boris Nadezhdin's bid for president, seeking 100,000 signatures for the March 17 elections. Nadezhdin, an unfamiliar figure, openly opposes Russian actions in Ukraine, offering a legal platform for dissent amid anti-war sentiments. 

He is a figure that many countries of the world look forward to and hope that he can really be the initiator of changes and the introduction of some better times for both countries. 

Citizens of Russia are not allowed to speak openly against Vladimir Putin, considering the consequences that could appear. This is one of how the Russian leader maintains his rule, and many consider this tyranny. 

There is little optimism that someone will actually succeed in ousting Putin from power, considering his long-term rule and the fact that he has already laid the foundations for the continuation of his rule.

By all accounts, Russian citizens are not satisfied with the current situation in Ukraine. The sanctions that Russia is suffering for its terror in Ukraine are enormous. The population of Russia believes that changes are crucial at this moment. 

If this situation continues in the future, it is difficult to expect better days for Russia. Relations with many European and other countries are not ideal. Russians feel as if they are cut off from the world.

Vladimir Putin
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Despite Kremlin dismissal, the movement reflects growing dissatisfaction with current policies. Supporters, longing for change, express their views amid a rare opportunity to voice dissent. The Kremlin's crackdown on criticism of the "special military operation" has led to over 20,000 arrests since February 2022.

This is the best indicator of how the Russian leader is currently maintaining his rule. If anyone publicly opposes his moves, there is a high chance that person will suffer huge consequences.

A former member of the Duma, the lower house of the Russian parliament, Nadezhdin is considered a moderate opposition politician and one of the last domestic critics of Putin's war in Ukraine who has not yet been silenced.

Incumbent Vladimir Putin, who has been in power as president or prime minister for more than 20 years and has no serious competition, should easily win another six-year term in the March elections.

After introducing the constitutional change, Putin will still be able to run in the 2030 elections.

The presidential term in Russia lasts six years.

The situation between these two is quite tense, and the current events do not at all give optimism that better days await anyone.

Darja Trepova, 26, has been sentenced to 27 years in prison for delivering a bomb that tragically killed Russian military blogger Vladlen Tatarski. This is a case that has been talked about a lot in recent months, and in the opinion of many, such a verdict could have been expected.

The explosive was hidden in a bust that Trepova presented as a gift to Tatarski during a cafe event in St. Petersburg. Trepova, under the impression it was a listening device, followed instructions from someone known as "Gestalt" and expressed remorse, stating she didn't intend to harm anyone. However, many are not firmly convinced of her intentions.

Tatarski, a prominent blogger with over 560,000 followers on Telegram, lost his life in the explosion, which also left over 30 people injured. Initially, Russia accused Ukraine of orchestrating the murder. Trepova's defense argued she was also a victim, facing potential harm herself, and the court found her guilty on charges including terrorism.

Ukraine and EU

Ukrainians are working hard to change things in the coming period. There is enormous optimism on the part of the Ukrainian people that this country could become a member of the EU. That would be a great moment for Ukraine and its citizens. Zelenskyy has encouraged many times until now how important it is to gain membership in the EU and what significance it would represent for everyone.

The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, said that the screening process, which lays the groundwork for negotiations on Ukraine's accession to the European Union, has officially begun in Brussels.

"I welcome today's start of substantial preparations for Ukraine's EU accession talks. The screening process, which lays the groundwork for the negotiations, has officially begun in Brussels.

This is the outcome of our agreements reached with President @VonderLeyen in Davos.…"- he wrote on Twitter.

It will be interesting to follow the events in the future and see what kind of future awaits the citizens of Ukraine. The noble people of this country believe that these are great steps towards a better future.

At this moment, Ukrainians can only hope that the war will finally end. The elections that will take place this year could be a major turning point towards a better future for both countries.

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