Nasser hospital besieged: 95% of medical staff forced to leave


Nasser hospital besieged: 95% of medical staff forced to leave
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The situation at Nasser Hospital in southern Gaza is critical, with severe shortages of blood, anesthesia, and anti-stress drugs reported by the Ministry of Health. The hospital is under strain due to Israeli attacks, and the Israeli military claims Hamas operations in the area. Despite IDF assurances of precision operations, there is no communication reported between the Palestinian Red Crescent Society and hospital management. Less than half of Gaza's hospitals are partially functional, causing fear among displaced Palestinians at Al-Amal Hospital.

This situation causes great concern, given that it is difficult to forecast what can be expected in the next few days. The Palestinians are furious and cannot believe that the Israelis decided to do this.

Nasser Hospital is besieged by Israeli forces, leading to over 95% of its medical staff leaving. Al-Amal Hospital is facing ongoing heavy fighting, with Israeli snipers preventing movement in and out. This situation raises concerns for the safety of civilians, healthcare workers, and patients, emphasizing the need to respect international humanitarian law. 

The world is worried and believes that this only shows how dangerous this conflict is, and what consequences can arise from everything.

Yemen calls for changes in the US approach to Yemen and Palestine

The situation in Yemen is no better, unfortunately. Events there are causing concern that the conflict could have larger proportions.

Yemen's Deputy Foreign Minister, Hussein Al-Ezzi, stated that they can sink enemy ships along the Yemeni coast in the Red Sea, Arabian Sea, and Mediterranean Sea. Al-Ezzi called for changes in the US approach to Yemen and Palestine, emphasizing Sana'a's commitment to peace with limited escalation. Sanaa ensures freedom of navigation, except for Israeli ships, until the end of the Gaza aggression. Yemeni forces attacked a British oil tanker in the Gulf of Aden in response to US and UK aggression. This marked the first Houthi attack on a British ship, and Sanaa declared US and UK interests as legitimate targets.