Hungarian leaders want a part of Ukraine: Corruption is huge in this country!

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has expressed support for Ukraine's sovereignty in the past

by Sead Dedovic
Hungarian leaders want a part of Ukraine: Corruption is huge in this country!
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From the beginning of the war, the Hungarians had specific attitudes regarding the war in Ukraine. Orban's extremist statements and support for Putin caused concern among many countries. However, Orban firmly stuck to his position and did not want to change it.

The leader of Hungary's far-right party, Naša Domovina, suggested that Hungary might claim the western region of Ukraine, where many ethnic Hungarians reside, if Ukraine loses its statehood due to the Russian invasion. This statement was made during a conference attended by far-right leaders from Germany and the Netherlands. 

With the current situation, such statements do not cause any optimism that things will get better. The Ukrainians have another open enemy, the Hungarians, although it was clear from the beginning of the war whose side the Hungarians were on. The Ukrainians are in a difficult situation, but such statements and moves by the Hungarian leaders give them an additional motive to defend themselves and prevent the Hungarians from achieving their goals.

The leader called for an immediate ceasefire, peace talks, and autonomy for ethnic Hungarians in western Ukraine. He mentioned Hungary's potential claim to Transcarpathia if Ukraine loses its statehood.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has expressed support for Ukraine's sovereignty in the past. Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto is expected to discuss the situation with Ukrainian counterparts.

Victor Orban
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"We keep open all the communication lines to the Russians. Otherwise, there will be no chance for peace. This is a strategy. So we are proud of it."- Orban said.

Tensions between Budapest and Kiev involve perceived restrictions on the rights of ethnic Hungarians in Ukraine. Hungary's opposition to EU accession negotiations with Ukraine, unlike other EU countries, has strained relations. It seems that the situation between Ukraine and Hungary will continue to be tense. Such events do not give optimism.

The EU plans to revisit the issue at an emergency summit due to Hungary's resistance to restructuring the budget for Ukraine.

And that corruption is present in Ukraine was clear from the first day. However, the new information that is coming is only a confirmation of how corrupt the Ukrainian leadership is, and what their primary motives are.

Ukraine's security service uncovered corruption in a 40-million-euro weapons purchase. The investigation implicated five senior figures in the defense ministry and an arms supplier, accused of embezzling nearly 1.5 billion hryvnias (37 million euros) in a grenade deal. 

Despite an advance payment, the contracted 100,000 mortar shells were never delivered. One suspect has been arrested, and the stolen funds will be returned to the defense budget. 

Since 2019, President Zelenskyy has prioritized anti-corruption efforts, but faces challenges amid accusations and resistance to aid from some U.S. Republicans. Ukraine is ranked 116th in the 2022 Corruption Perceptions Index by Transparency International.

Ukrainians have had problems with corruption before, since independence. Corruption has been a huge problem for them for many years. In a situation where a country is at war, and when it is necessary to defend itself, the Ukrainian leadership shows hypocrisy and cowardice.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy and corruption problems

As we have already said, Zelenskyy has emphasized countless times so far that the problems of corruption must be solved as soon as possible. Ukrainian soldiers give their lives at the front, and fight for the preservation of the country, while on the other hand, politicians take money and do corrupt activities. A familiar story, right? 

This once again confirms that war is senseless in which young soldiers lose their lives, while those from the top of the government reap the benefits. It is imperative that the citizens of both countries and especially Russia, understand that this war is not leading to anything. Leaders of other countries must urgently take certain steps so that this war can finally come to an end.

In a survey from December last year, Ukrainians confirmed that corruption is currently the biggest problem in this country. 89% of the population consider this to be the key problem of this country. In addition, it is worrying that more than 75% of the population of Ukraine believes that Zelenskyy is responsible for this. Although Zelenskyy had a specific attitude towards corruption from the first day of the war and gave his best to find solutions to save this country, the population still has no great faith in him. 

The Ukrainian leader might be worried about such results. It is obvious that the people of Ukraine do not have a huge trust in him or hope that he can be someone who will stop corruption at this moment. Zelenskyy realized that changes are necessary in the state, and one of the first changes will certainly be a greater fight against corruption.

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