Israel-Hamas close to exchange of prisoners

Senior Israeli official source told NBC News the sides are talking tahnks to the mediation in Paris of USA, Qatar and Egypt

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Israel-Hamas close to exchange of prisoners
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According to what a senior Israeli official source told NBC News, there is a strong possibility that the hostage deal is proceeding, even if there is no green light from the Israeli government yet. We recall that the exchange of prisoners would be mediated in Paris by the USA, Qatar and Egypt.

Times of Israel also said that Israel's War Cabinet has yet to review the terms of the entire agreement, although it has already discussed it. According to the source, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has meanwhile seen a representation of the families of the hostages still in Gaza, reiterating his commitment to bringing everyone home and that the details of the possible agreement must remain confidential so that we can work on it.

The source also revealed that Netanyahu, however, would have opposed the request of this group of families to consider the release of the hostages as a priority over the war.

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Netanyahu said: "We are doing everything we can.

I ask you to understand that we are truly committed in the full sense of the word. We are making a real effort, not for visibility, but with the commitment to give back to everyone. The thought is for everyone, the effort is for everyone."

The humanitarian tragedy of the war between Israel and Hamas

The director of the health emergencies program of the World Health Organization, Michael Ryan, said once again how the population of Gaza is dying of hunger, after the main donor countries announced the suspension of their aid to the health agency United Nations for Palestinian refugees.

"This is a population that is starving. This is a population that is pushed to the brink." In this regard, director general of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, said that the decision of various countries to suspend funding for the United Nations Agency for Palestinian Refugees due to the alleged involvement of some of its members in the massacre of Hamas on October 7th will have catastrophic consequences for the population of Gaza.

"No other entity has the capacity to provide the full scale of assistance that 2.2 million people in Gaza urgently need. We ask that these announcements be reconsidered”.