Zelenskyy's Authority Challenged as Disagreements Emerge within Ukrainian Military

The Guardian reported that there's a disagreement between President Zelenskyy and military commander Zaluzhny

by Sead Dedovic
Zelenskyy's Authority Challenged as Disagreements Emerge within Ukrainian Military
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There have been reports for a long time that there are certain disagreements within the leadership of the Ukrainian Army, which could culminate in dismissals or failures for the Ukrainians. When you are in a war that has been going on for a long time, things like this can be expected. Resisting such a power as Russia requires a lot of courage and effort. In such an atmosphere, conflicts, disorder and chaos are quite normal. However, Ukrainians fear that these things could culminate and bring negative consequences for them.

The Guardian reported that there's a disagreement between President Zelenskyy and military commander Zaluzhny. Zelenskyy wanted Zaluzhny to resign due to tensions and the failure of the Ukrainian counter-offensive. 

However, Zaluzhny refused, and there's a possibility he might be fired. This situation surprised many, and opposition member Goncharenko mentioned that the issue is more about Zaluzhny making political statements than military ones. The Ministry of Defense denied Zelenskyy's attempt to remove Zaluzhny, at least for now. 

Such moves call into question Zelenskyy's authority. Zelenskyy is the leader of a country that is in a difficult situation. His orders should be accepted, and it is necessary to act on their basis. However...

Social media started speculating about Zaluzhny's possible expulsion, but it's unclear what a new military strategy would look like. There's talk of replacing Zaluzhny with Kiril Budanov, the head of Ukraine's military intelligence service. 

According to many, Budanov is the person who could turn the war around and help the Ukrainians to achieve their goals. His experience and leadership skills have been praised by a large number of Ukrainians. Budanov is still in circulation and it is not clear whether he will actually take such a position. It is certain that Budanov has hopes that he could become a military commander, but the decision will be made in a few days.

The Guardian suggests that the disagreement between the president and generals seems to be of a political nature, as the Ukrainian counter-offensive failed to break through the Russian lines. 

The Ukrainians, under optimism, due to certain successes last year, had the hope that they could defeat the Russians, or at least achieve a partial victory. However, Russian forces are too strong at the moment. Many wonder who is the main culprit. While some believe that the military leadership made the wrong moves, others question the strength of the Ukrainian soldiers and their equipment.

Zelenskyy previously warned generals not to enter politics, emphasizing the need for a clear hierarchy. Zaluzhny's popularity and potential political aspirations have been a source of irritation for the president's office. Polls from December 2023 indicate that Zaluzhny could be a serious opponent to Zelenskyy in the presidential race, causing concern within the president's office.

One can already feel that there are many Ukrainians who are not satisfied with Zelenskyy's moves in this war. Some believe that he does not have the qualities to be the leader of Ukraine in such a difficult situation for them. Nevertheless, Zelenskyy also has the support of a large number of citizens who believe that it is very difficult to make the right decisions when you have such a military force as Russia inside your country.

Joe Biden is providing military assistance to Greece

US President Joe Biden came up with a great tactic to counter the Republican blockade on aid to Ukraine.

Amid a four-month GOP blockade, President Biden's administration adopts a strategy similar to Germany's Ringtausch, providing surplus weapons to Greece, expecting them to assist Ukraine. The US offers Greece various military assets, including patrol boats and fighter vehicles, as part of its surplus. 

Joe Biden, Vladimir Zelensky
Joe Biden, Vladimir Zelensky© Handout / Getty Images

This will really help the Greeks in terms of their military power, given that they are a small country, for which it is very important to have weapons in view of the potential danger in the future. Joe Biden and his colleagues managed to find a solution, with the aim of helping the Ukrainians, who have to resist Russian aggression.

The law permits the president to give surplus weaponry, potentially worth zero dollars, with an annual transfer limit of $500 million. In return, the US seeks Greek donations to Ukraine, with a possible additional $200 million in foreign financing for Greece's armed forces. 

The Greek military's surplus, including Soviet-designed weapons, could be directed to support Ukraine, following guidelines from political and military leadership.

Interesting games are being played on the world stage. US politicians are divided over the war in Ukraine. Joe Biden does not give up his intentions, and believes that it is necessary to help Ukrainians in such a difficult situation. The imperative of US leaders is to continue with this kind of help in the future and to influence the end of the war as soon as possible.