Ukrainian commander reveals Ukraine's goals for 2024


Ukrainian commander reveals Ukraine's goals for 2024
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In a recent CNN article, Valeriy Zaluzhny, Ukraine's Supreme Commander, outlined three main goals for 2024 in the fight against Russian aggression.  The Ukrainians, aware of the danger posed by Russia, are working hard to create plans on how to fight against them. They know that it is crucial to strategize and prepare in the right way.

These include establishing a high-tech supply system for the armed forces, introducing a new approach to training and warfare, and mastering new combat capabilities. 

Zaluzhny stressed Ukraine's existing ability to counter Russian forces and protect statehood. However, reports are suggesting that President Zelenskyy is considering dismissing Zaluzhny due to differences, especially regarding mobilization.  Such a story has been around for a long time, and the question is whether the Ukrainian president will indeed decide to take such a step.

Potential successors are said to be Kyrylo Budanov and Oleksandr Syrskyi. Zaluzhny's potential dismissal is also linked to his popularity and the possibility of him entering politics.

Romanian military Commander Gheorgita Vlad sent a warning

Romanian military Commander Gheorgita Vlad has raised concerns about the country's military readiness, urging immediate action. He warned of potential Russian aggression, stating that if Russia succeeds in Ukraine, Moldova might be the next target, leading to tensions in the Western Balkans. 

Vlad called for voluntary basic military training for individuals up to 35 years old and legal reforms to improve defense against Russian drones. 

This corresponds with recent warnings from other Western military leaders, like British Army Commander General Patrick Sanders, stressing the importance of being prepared for a potential conflict with Russia. Vlad emphasized that Russia's actions pose a threat to the democratic world, extending beyond the confines of Ukraine.

Many countries are afraid of Russia and its potential future actions. It's hard to know what to expect from them.

Vladimir Putin and the Russian leadership have specific plans, but it's challenging to determine what they truly intend to do in the coming period.