Benjamin Netanyahu rejects ceasefire in Gaza, aims to continue until victory

"We will continue until the end. There is no other solution than victory," said the Israeli Prime Minister.

by Sead Dedovic
Benjamin Netanyahu rejects ceasefire in Gaza, aims to continue until victory
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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu firmly stands by his views and has no intention of changing them, at least not for now. 

Netanyahu refused to agree to a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, emphasizing his focus on achieving a decisive victory over Hamas. He has consistently expressed the desire to defeat Hamas, indicating a strong determination to do whatever it takes to achieve this goal. While Netanyahu is confident in Israel's victory, the international community holds a different perspective. Despite being militarily weaker, Hamas continues to put up a great resistance.

Netanyahu has several goals. The primary goal is to defeat Hamas, but the Israeli Prime Minister also wants to solve the hostage problem. He is pleased with the progress of his army and the fact that they have inflicted defeats on Hamas.

"We will continue until the end. There is no other solution than victory," said the Israeli Prime Minister.

As he said, the defeat of Hamas will represent a victory for the entire free world. Netanyahu feels enormous anger towards Hamas and their leaders. The moves made by Hamas leaders are unacceptable in his opinion.

He emphasized that ensuring the return of hostages held by Hamas remains a top priority. Netanyahu believes that escalating military pressure can enhance the likelihood of securing the release of the hostages. He has explicit intentions to achieve this goal in the coming months and expresses optimism about the potential success of these efforts.

"Surrender under Hamas' conditions would mean a disaster. The day after is the day after Hamas. Only Israel can ensure the demilitarization of Gaza," Netanyahu said.

He reiterated that there is no alternative to the military collapse of Hamas.

In the past few months, Netanyahu has become a disliked figure worldwide due to his statements and unwillingness to stop the conflicts in the Middle East. Despite many world leaders urging him to find a compromise and end the war, Netanyahu seems uninterested in negotiating with Hamas. He firmly holds the belief that there is no reason to engage in talks with them at all.

The leaders of Hamas are ready for peace and presented what demands they have if the Israelis want a ceasefire.

The response provided by Hamas calls for a complete withdrawal of Israeli forces and an end to the war after three phases of a 45-day ceasefire. Many still ask the question, how realistic is it that the Israelis agree to such things?!

Such a proposal has its basis, but it is different from the ceasefire proposal supported by Israel and the USA, with the mediation of Qatar and Egypt. Things like this are one of the reasons why it's hard to make peace. Each of the parties has special requirements, and few are ready to make a compromise.

Hamas' demands for a ceasefire

Judging by the Reuters headlines, this proposal includes a demand for a 45-day pause in fighting during which all Israeli women and men under 19, the elderly, and the sick would be exchanged for Palestinian women and children held in Israeli prisons.

Israeli forces would withdraw from the populated areas of Gaza and the reconstruction of hospitals and refugee camps would begin. Much has been demolished in the last few months, and it will take a long time to restore everything.

In the second phase, the remaining male Israeli prisoners would be exchanged for Palestinian prisoners, and Israeli forces would leave Gaza entirely.

During the third phase, both sides would exchange the remains.

Over 21,000 Palestinians Killed: Hamas Accuses Israel of Genocide
Over 21,000 Palestinians Killed: Hamas Accuses Israel of Genocide© X/MarioNawfal

This proposal does not seem bad, but it is unlikely that the Israelis will agree to this. In the coming period, we will see if there will be any changes, and if someone eventually agrees to certain requests. At this moment, the imperative of each side should be peace and nothing else. Witnessing killings, bombings, and the loss of civilian lives is something nobody desires.

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant is ready to fight to the very end, all to destroy Hamas. The southern city, Rafah, is the primary target of the Israelis. According to rumors, the leaders of Hamas are there. The biggest fear in the world is that the Israelis could kill a large number of civilians during their attack on Ramah. We will see when the military operations will start and how long they will last. Expecting peace in these conditions is unrealistic. On the contrary, the situation is becoming more difficult and tense.

Let us remind you that the conflict started on October 7 after Hamas decided to attack Israelis at the Nova Music Festival in Israel. The biggest victims in the whole story are the Palestinian civilians. They are suffering because of the mistakes that the leaders of Hamas have made. It is to be hoped that someone can calm down the situation and establish peace.

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