Cobain Porter, Brother of Denver's Michael Porter Jr., Admits Murder

One year after the death of Kathy Lymon Rothman (42), Cobain Porter pleaded guilty

by Sededin Dedovic
Cobain Porter, Brother of Denver's Michael Porter Jr., Admits Murder
© Patrick Smith / Getty Images

A year after the tragic death of Kathy Lymon Rothman (42), Cobain Porter finally took responsibility for his actions. Porter, known as the brother of NBA Denver Nuggets player Michael Porter Jr., admitted his role in the devastating accident.

The fateful incident took place on January 22 last year when Porter, under the influence of alcohol, recklessly collided with a car driven by Kathy. Rothman, a single mother who supported her family as an Uber driver, suffered serious and fatal injuries in the crash, while her passenger suffered serious injuries.

Investigations revealed disturbing details: Porter was driving at an incredible speed of 80 kilometers per hour, exceeding the speed limit by 30 kilometers. It was immediately evident to the police that he was drunk from his slurred speech and the discovery of multiple bottles of alcohol in his vehicle.

Porter's disregard for traffic signals was fatal, as he ran a red light just moments before the crash, sealing Kathy's fate. He left the children motherless and made them orphans and at the same time changed his life forever.

Now faced with the grim reality of his actions, Porter faces the potential consequence of eight to twelve years behind bars. While his guilty plea may offer some measure of redemption, it cannot absolve him of his actions, especially when we consider the circumstances in which this unfortunate incident occurred.

The sentencing is scheduled for April 19, which will be a crucial moment for justice for the grieving family and affected community members. Although Porter confessed to the murder, the verdict will send a clear message that everyone must be held accountable for their actions.

Because of one, we can freely say total nonsense, we can do something that we will regret for the rest of our lives. We should all learn from this tragedy. It is imperative to advocate for stricter application of the law in order to prevent such senseless loss of life.

In addition to the lost life, the lives of Kathy's children and family, as well as Porter himself, were forever changed.