NATO and America reacted to the dismissal of General Valerii Zaluzhnyi


NATO and America reacted to the dismissal of General Valerii Zaluzhnyi
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From the first day of the war, Ukraine had enormous support from the USA and NATO members. Without their help, the Ukrainians would hardly have achieved their war goals. They still manage to resist the Russians and give them headaches.

NATO and the US State Department respect Ukraine's decision to change its top military leadership. The US and NATO affirm their ongoing support for Ukraine following the removal of General Valerii Zaluzhnyi and the appointment of Oleksandr Syrskyi

For months now, there have been rumors that Zaluzhnyi will leave the Ukrainian army and be fired. Ukrainian President Volodymr Zelenskyy was clearly not satisfied with the military leadership and knew that he had to make some changes.

US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan emphasizes that the choice of military leaders is the right of Ukraine's elected leader and assures continued support. 

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg refrains from expressing an opinion but welcomes Ukraine's commitment to maintaining relations with partners. Despite speculation and reported disputes, Ukraine's decision is recognized as a sovereign right. Ukrainians had to make some changes.

Jens Stoltenberg and Volodymr Zelenskyy
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Their military goals have not been successfully achieved lately.

Oleksandr Syrskyi reveals his goals: The army needs clear and detailed planning

Oleksandr Syrskyi is the new commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. He is a man who has vast military knowledge and experience. He is aware that his army must learn from day to day, but he also stresses the importance of means of warfare. Syrskyi has made a detailed analysis of the situation on the front and will decide on the next steps based on that.

"Only changes and continuous improvement of means and methods of warfare will allow us to succeed on this path. The army needs clear and detailed planning, taking into account the needs of the front line for the latest weapons supplied by international partners," Syrskyi wrote on social media.

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