Benjamin Netanyahu Reveals Clear Program for Absolute Victory Over Hamas

Benjamin Netanyahu is tired of Hamas and their threats

by Sead Dedovic
Benjamin Netanyahu Reveals Clear Program for Absolute Victory Over Hamas
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Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu and the political leadership of Israel created a clear program, all intending to achieve an absolute victory over Hamas. 

Since the beginning of the conflict, which has been going on for several months, the Israelis have confirmed that they have no intention of giving up. 

Their goal is to achieve the final victory. The Prime Minister of Israel has already announced a new military operation that will take place at the Rafah crossing, where there is a huge number of displaced Palestinians, according to some estimates around one hundred thousand.

The Rafah crossing is located in the very south of the Gaza Strip along the border with Egypt, and as reported by the Israeli media, 

Netanyahu has been talking to other members of the war cabinet as well as military commanders about this operation for days. He is aware that this is a great opportunity for the Israelis to finish what they started. There is enormous optimism among the Israelis and their leaders that this could be the operation that will put an end to everything!

Israeli Channel 12 reported that the Israeli Prime Minister wants the actions to be completed before the beginning of the month of Ramadan. The Times of Israel also writes that the Israelis are ready to act, but they are asking for the evacuation of the Palestinians.

"The assessment was reportedly made during a discussion about the operation, and IDF Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi told the prime minister that Israeli forces are ready to operate, but that the government must first do everything to evacuate the Palestinians there,"

Netanyahu's cabinet also announced the upcoming activities in Rafah and sent a clear message that civilians must be evacuated. With this, they want to confirm that their goal is not to harm civilians, but that they primarily intend to destroy Hamas. There is a huge fear that in the coming period Hamas could decide on the same things as before. 

The danger they face from Hamas is why the Israelis are entering with maximum strength and caution.

"It is clear that the intensive activities in this area require that civilians be evacuated from the battle area. It is impossible to achieve the goal of the war and the elimination of Hamas by leaving four of their battalions in Rafah," the cabinet said.

At the moment, it is very difficult to make predictions as to whether the Israelis can achieve their goal. Hamas is trying in every way to defend itself and retaliate against the Israelis. 

However, the question is how militarily equipped they are, and whether they really have the strength at this moment to resist a much stronger opponent. 

The predictions made earlier did not turn out to be correct, as many expected that Hamas would experience an absolute defeat by now. Nevertheless, Hamas soldiers have a special war philosophy and even when it is most dangerous, they have no intention of giving up. Fighting against such an opponent can be very difficult.

Israel defies International Court decision on Gaza genocide

Israel may have disobeyed the International Court of Justice's (ICJ) orders issued two weeks ago to safeguard Palestinian rights and stop potential genocide, says UN Special Rapporteur Francesca Albanese. The ICJ set a deadline for Israel to report on its actions by February 23, focusing on six court orders, including ending actions that could lead to genocide and improving humanitarian aid. 

Despite negotiations, there has been minimal progress since the January 26 verdict. The ICJ did not demand a cease-fire but gave practical orders. 

Israel has specific obligations, like preventing acts related to genocide. There is disagreement among jurists about whether these acts are prohibited without genocidal intent.

ICJ Shakes Up Israel-Gaza Dynamics: Unpacking the Landmark Genocide Ruling
ICJ Shakes Up Israel-Gaza Dynamics: Unpacking the Landmark Genocide Ruling© X/MarioNawfal

Albanese claims violence continues, leading to challenging conditions in Gaza, with at least 1,755 Palestinians killed since the court order. Israel states its commitment to international law, while critics argue its compliance tests the authority of the UN and other genocide convention signatories.  Many ask the question, is this paper just a formality or will there be a reaction?! Many are calling for an immediate response. The Israelis seem to be still pushing the same policy.

South African lawyers aim to pressure Israel's compliance, and Algeria proposes a UN resolution supporting ICJ orders and calling for a humanitarian ceasefire, opposed by the US. Belgium has banned arms sales to Israel, and Japan's Itochu Aviation will suspend strategic cooperation.

Many countries of the world, aware of the number of victims in Palestine, have no intention of supporting Israel at this time. Israel seems to have worsening relations with countries around the world. We will see what the future holds and whether the courts will have a concrete reaction to the current situation.

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