Maria Zakharova Criticizes Scholz for Watching Putin's Interview; Tensions Rise

"Scholz disobeyed American orders not to watch the interview."- Zakharova said.

by Sead Dedovic
Maria Zakharova Criticizes Scholz for Watching Putin's Interview; Tensions Rise
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Three days ago, the American journalist Tucker Carlson premiered his two-hour and seven-minute-long interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin on his website and the X platform. This interview caused a large number of reactions around the world. 

Many are surprised by the courage of Carlson to interview the Russian president, who has been one of the most controversial figures for two years, even though he was an interesting figure before the war. Carlos and Putin discussed interesting topics, and of course, the main topic was the war in Ukraine.

The Russian leader was quite harsh in his interview. He insulted Ukrainians, questioning their nationality. Vladimir Putin believes that Soviet leaders made huge mistakes, more precisely, Stalin.

"In the beginning, the word Ukrainian described a man who lives on the edges of the country or works as a border guard, it was not a sign of ethnic affiliation. And then Soviet Ukraine was created. After World War II, Ukraine received parts of Hungary in addition to the territories that belonged to Poland before the war and Romania. Ukraine is an artificial state that was formed according to Stalin's will," Putin said.

The Russian leader also emphasized readiness for peace agreements and revealed that Ukraine and Russia were close to achieving peace. However, Putin believes that the Ukrainian leadership followed instructions from the US and Western countries, as they decided to continue the war. Vladimir wanted to show his readiness for peace.

"Peace negotiations with Ukraine were almost finalized, but then Ukraine rejected all those agreements and obeyed the instructions of Western countries, European countries, and the United States of America to fight against Russia until the very end," Putin said.

There is much more that Vladimir Putin talked about. You can watch it via social media.

Olaf Scholz reacts to Vladimir Putin's interview

Olaf Scholz, the German chancellor, believes that the interview with Putin revealed a lot. Scholz considers Putin an imperialist and a person who wants to annex part of Ukraine. Scholz stressed that the intentions of the Russian leader were clear from the beginning of the war. However, for a long time now, Putin has had an alibi for the war in Ukraine.

Scholz said, "It was an interview that honestly only mocks what real actions have been done by Russia in Ukraine and tells a completely absurd story about the cause of this war."

He emphasized, "There is a very clear cause," pointing to the Kremlin leader's desire to annex part of Ukraine.

"And all the stories that are told about it do not change the fact that that is exactly the purpose of his imperialist efforts." - he continued, as reported by!

Although Putin and the Russian leadership would like the war to end, to achieve their goals, apparently it will not come to that. Scholz believes that the Ukrainians have no intention of surrendering. At this moment, it is important to find a compromise and solve this problem. Many are pondering a question: Is the Russian president genuinely prepared to compromise?

"The war in Ukraine can end at any moment, but not in the way the Russian president imagines – by Ukraine's surrender, but as a result of him ending the war and creating conditions for a peaceful solution."

The spokeswoman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, Maria Zakharova, reacted to Olaf Scholz's statement. The German chancellor believes that Putin's statements do not make sense.

Maria Zakharova
Maria Zakharova© Sky News / Youtube channel

"Scholz disobeyed the US order not to watch the interview. (Vladimir Putin. - A.G.) If he violates the instructions of the White House more often, he may lead Germany out of the crisis,"- Zakharova said, as reported by pravda

Many famous politicians around the world reacted to Putin's interview. Russian president does not have much support at the moment, it's a fact. Nevertheless, Putin has no intention of stopping military actions in Ukraine. He is determined to completely achieve his goal.

It is really difficult to predict whether the war in Ukraine will come to an end. The fact that Vladimir Putin has such rigid views causes pessimism. The Ukrainians, on the other hand, have no intention of giving up and are ready to fight to the very end. 

This interview showed interesting sides of Putin's personality, according to many, mostly negative ones. After the interview, psychologists and body language experts analyzed Putin and his movements. Given the rumors that the Russian president's health is impaired, many wanted to determine whether body language could reveal something more. However, it appears that Vladimir Putin is currently in good health.

We will see if Volodymyr Zelenskyy's reaction to the Russian President's interview will follow soon. Zelenskyy would have a lot to say about Putin's statements regarding the war in Ukraine.