Israeli President, Isaac Herzog Impressed by Rafah Operation: Two Hostages Freed

"I salute everyone who brought Fernando and Luis home in the daring rescue operation."- he said.

by Sead Dedovic
Israeli President, Isaac Herzog Impressed by Rafah Operation: Two Hostages Freed
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Israeli President Isaac Herzog welcomes the return of two prisoners freed in an overnight operation from southern Gaza.

Fernando Simon Marman, aged 60, and Louis Har, aged 70, were captured as hostages 128 days ago during the Hamas attack on Israel that happened on October 7th, as reported by CNN. What can bring relief to their families and Israelis is that both of them are in excellent health.

The Israeli army killed more than 50 people while freeing the prisoners. Israeli leaders, primarily Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel's Prime Minister, announced that the Israeli army will attack Rafah, to destroy Hamas. This is the goal that Israelis have been striving for for a long time. The Israeli military leadership has been creating a plan to attack Rafah for a long time. 

People around the world were worried about Israel's attack because many civilians had already been killed in the conflict. However, leaders like Netanyahu from Israel have said they don't want to hurt civilians. They stress the importance of moving civilians to keep them safe.

Herzog called the attack on Rafah, which is home to a large number of Palestinian refugees, a "rescue operation." Just such a name speaks volumes about how important it is for the Israelis to achieve their goal in Rafah. Herzog is happy about the fact that two hostages have been released and hopes that all hostages will be released in the future.

"I salute everyone who brought Fernando and Luis home in the daring rescue operation. We will continue to act in all ways to return all the hostages to their homes," Herzog said.

The IDF confirmed the death of 29 prisoners held by Hamas, citing new intelligence obtained by its soldiers.

The Israeli military said it "used intense firepower against gunmen in and around the building where the two prisoners were being held." The Israelis show their willingness to stand up to Hamas, and finally solve the problem that has been going on for a long time.

Hamas stated that more than 50 people were killed in the attack. They see this operation as part of an ongoing harmful war and an attempt to forcefully move the Palestinian people. The Israelis have expressed their plan to continue with the same tactics in the future.

Benjamin Netanyahu has responded as well. He thinks the Israeli army needs to keep going on the attack if they want to win completely. According to him, this is a crucial moment that they should take advantage of. Israelis have the goal of completely stopping Hamas and freeing the hostages. They know it won't be easy, but they see it as the only way to prevent possible future attacks from Hamas.

Netanyahu Makes a Statement: No End to Gaza Operations Until Victory!
Netanyahu Makes a Statement: No End to Gaza Operations Until Victory!© Getty Images

“Only the continuation of military pressure, until complete victory, will result in the release of all our hostages,” he said.

Defense Minister Yoav Gallant had only words of praise for the great operation by the Israeli army. He is happy and impressed with the readiness of the Israeli army, which has shown that it has the potential to completely stop Hamas.

“Along with the prime minister and top commanders, I followed the operation from the war room. I offer my full appreciation to the IDF, Shin Bet and the National Counter-Terrorism Unit.”

This operation has also caused positive reactions from the Israeli population. Israelis are thrilled with the success of the Israeli army, hoping that more positive developments will follow. While there is a fear of Hamas and potential future attacks, Israelis express optimism that such actions will help the Israeli army effectively counter and ultimately defeat the enemy.

Warnings from world leaders

A few days ago, world leaders expressed concern about Israeli operations. Joe Biden supported Israeli leaders and their goal to destroy Hamas. On the other hand, Biden believes that the operation must take place without civilian casualties. it must be the primary thing, he stressed. Netanyahu promised that civilians would not be harmed in these attacks.

British Foreign Secretary David Cameron expressed deep concern about the planned Israeli ground invasion of the city of Rafah in southern Gaza. He called for an urgent ceasefire, emphasizing the need to pause the fighting for delivering aid and releasing hostages, given that over half of Gaza's population resides in that area. 

Cameron further suggested that, following this pause, efforts should be directed towards achieving a sustainable and lasting ceasefire. 

The question is whether the Israelis will obey what the leaders of the big countries ordered them to do. It is still not known whether there were any civilian casualties during the Israeli attack on Rafah. 

The only good thing would be if this conflict and the war could come to an end. That's the goal that everyone should aim for.