Chinese Hackers Present in US Critical Infrastructure for Five Years: FBI Warnings

Officials from the FBI and Justice Department previously issued a court order to update software that may be vulnerable to Chinese hacking

by Sededin Dedovic
Chinese Hackers Present in US Critical Infrastructure for Five Years: FBI Warnings
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A CNN report reveals that Chinese hackers have infiltrated critical US infrastructure for at least five years, quietly lurking in the shadows of transportation, water, energy and other vital systems. This has caused serious concern within the US regarding the potential for future disruption and the need for immediate action.

According to US officials, the hackers strategically positioned themselves, waiting for the right moment to strike. Although no malicious activity has yet been detected, the mere presence of these actors in such sensitive systems is deeply disturbing.

Taking action against the threat

The US government did not stand still. In a recent operation, the FBI and Justice Department issued a court order to update software vulnerable to Chinese hacking. This effort was intended to disable potential attack vectors and neutralize the threat.

In addition, authorities were able to remove malicious code from hundreds of Internet routers that could have provided access to hackers. A forthcoming report, expected next week, will shed light on the full extent of this infiltration.

It will detail the duration of access, the potential severity of the cyber attack and the specific techniques used by hackers. This information will be critical for companies managing critical infrastructure to identify and remove any existing threats.

While the primary concern is the potential for disruption, the report also suggests that hackers may be motivated by more than just espionage. Their presence in security cameras and water treatment plants indicates a wider interest in the manipulation and control of critical systems.

FBI Director Warning

Last week, FBI Director Christopher Wray emphasized the seriousness of the situation, stating that "cyber threats to our critical infrastructure pose real-world threats to our physical security." His words seem serious and frightening, and there is an urgent need to solve this issue and implement strong cyber security measures.

The presence of Chinese hackers in critical US infrastructure is a wake-up call. This incident demonstrated the need for cooperation between the government and the private sector and the continuous improvement of cybersecurity defenses.