Joe Biden opposes Palestinian displacement: Tragic death of 5-year-old shocks world

The American president wants to see Israelis make efforts to prevent potential civilian casualties during the Rafah operation

by Sead Dedovic
Joe Biden opposes Palestinian displacement: Tragic death of 5-year-old shocks world
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American President Joe Biden has expressed his stance on the conflict in Palestine from the first day of the war. Biden supports Israel in its fight against Hamas but has emphasized numerous times that the killing of civilian victims must stop!

Considering the Israeli military operation carried out in Rafah, a response from the U.S. president followed. Biden stressed the importance of respecting civilians, insisting that the operation must proceed without civilian casualties. 

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu confirmed that the operation would proceed without civilian casualties, emphasizing the need to protect and ensure the safety of civilians. The U.S. president does not want to witness the displacement of Palestinians, as the intentions behind such actions are clear.

Benjamin Netanyahu Asserts Continued Military Engagement in Gaza
Benjamin Netanyahu Asserts Continued Military Engagement in Gaza© Getty Images News/Amir Levy

The American president wants to see Israelis make efforts to prevent potential civilian casualties during the Rafah operation.

In recent days, Rafah has been under heavy Israeli airstrikes, resulting in a certain number of casualties. Meanwhile, over half of Gaza's population is now squeezed into this city on the border with Egypt, where only 250,000 people lived before the outbreak of the conflict between Israel and Hamas in October.

Particularly concerning are the conditions in which the local population lives. Besides constant bombings, hygiene and other conditions are unsatisfactory.

The U.S. president deems such conditions unacceptable.

Biden emphasized that any significant military operation in the city should not proceed without a credible plan to ensure the security of those living there. The American president does not want to witness negative scenarios unfolding day by day.

"Many people there have been displaced multiple times, fleeing violence in the north and are now crowded in Rafah, exposed and vulnerable. They must be protected. We have also been clear from the beginning, opposing any forced displacement of Palestinians from Gaza," Joe Biden said.

The Israelis have taken Biden's words seriously and emphasized that they will adhere to the instructions given by the U.S. president. Since the beginning of the war, Joe Biden has been openly assisting Israelis in their fight against Hamas and offering support. However, when it comes to civilians, Biden no longer wants to see civilian casualties in Palestine. A significant number of civilians have lost their lives since the conflict began.

Hind Rajab's death

However, the news of the death of 5-year-old Palestinian girl Hind Rajab has caused real shock and sorrow worldwide. Americans have requested Israel to urgently investigate her death. State Department spokesperson Matt Miller emphasized that they expect Israel to respond to this request and determine who is responsible for the death of the innocent 5-year-old girl. Naturally, this will involve certain accountability measures.

"We have asked the Israeli authorities to investigate this incident urgently. We understand that they are doing so. We expect to see those results in a timely manner, and they should include accountability measures as necessary," said Miller.

Rajab was killed this weekend after being trapped in a car heading to Gaza with members of her family who were killed by Israeli forces several weeks ago. It is heartbreaking how many civilians, especially children, have been killed since the beginning of this conflict. It is essential to take all measures to prevent such scenarios in the future.

Miller is shocked to hear such information. Since Miller has a 6-year-old daughter, she is aware of how tragic this is.

"We are devastated by reports of the death of Hind Rajab. I will tell you that I have a daughter who will soon turn six, so this is a devastating story, a heart-wrenching story for this child," said Miller.

Rajab is not the only girl who has died in this war. Many more girls and boys share the same fate. The war in Palestine has brought many tragic moments.

Hind Rajab was in the car at that moment with her aunt, uncle, and three cousins. Audio recordings of calls between Hind and emergency call operators have spread everywhere. Her mother had a clear message for everyone, especially for the leaders of Israel and the US.

"For every person who heard my voice and my daughter's pleading voice, yet did not rescue her, I will question them before God on the Day of Judgement. Netanyahu, Biden, and all those who collaborated against us, against Gaza and its people, I pray against them from the depths of my heart."-she told the BBC

"How many more mothers are you waiting to feel this pain? How many more children do you want to get killed?" she said.

We express the hope that, in the future, there will be as few tragic stories as possible, and that the conflict in Palestine will ultimately come to an end.

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