Emmanuel Macron issued a serious warning to Netanyahu about the operations in Rafah

The French leader pointed out that the cease-fire agreement should be reached without further delay

by Sead Dedovic
Emmanuel Macron issued a serious warning to Netanyahu about the operations in Rafah
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French President Emmanuel Macron is not happy with the behavior of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Since the beginning of the conflict in Palestine, Netanyahu has been the target of criticism from world leaders and the public. His moves have not met with approval, but no one seems to have a concrete reaction at the moment. Speaking to Netanyahu, Macron emphasized that the number of victims is unbearable and that the Israeli army must stop its operations.

This time, Emmanuel Macron decided to be clear and emphasize to Netanyahu that he must not create new chaos. With the Israeli army currently conducting operations in Rafah, a city in the south of Gaza, there is concern about a high number of civilian casualties and the potential for a humanitarian disaster. Macron discussed this matter with the Israeli Prime Minister. Notably, Macron was more direct than usual this time, clearly expressing his thoughts on the situation.

The French leader pointed out that the cease-fire agreement should be reached without further delay, adding that such an agreement should guarantee the protection of all civilians and the unhindered flow of emergency aid. That should be everyone's imperative. Ceasefire, and then complete peace. 

However, for such a thing, there must be a willingness of world leaders to strive for peace in Israel.

Macron said the lack of sufficient access "to a population in absolute humanitarian danger is unjustified".

He said it was imperative to open the Ashdod port in Israel north of the Gaza Strip, a direct land route from Jordan.

The French president believes that peace can only be fostered if the Israelis allow the Palestinians to create their state, where they currently live.

France is ready to demand even sanctions for Israel.

In December of last year, Macron expressed surprise at Israel's moves, considering that he does not understand what their ultimate goal is. 

Even then, Macron emphasized that the Israelis must be clearer about their goal and emphasize what their intentions are. 

Macron believes that if the final goal is the destruction of Hamas, the war could continue for a long time. The Israeli Prime Minister and President confirmed that the whole point of their operation is the destruction of Hamas.

“We are at a moment where the Israeli authorities will have to define more precisely their objective and the desired final state. The total destruction of Hamas, what is it, and does anyone think it is possible? If that’s it, the war will last 10 years, and I don’t think anyone knows how to seriously define this objective,”- Macron said, as quoted by theguardian.com

The French president does not have much sympathy from the Israeli population, which does not support Macron. It is also interesting that the French leader previously said that it was unacceptable to see such a large number of civilian victims in Palestine. Since then, not much has changed.

Benjamin Netanyahu doesn't want to stop operations in Rafah

Regardless of all the criticism that followed from world leaders and ordinary people, the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, has no intention of giving up operations in Rafah. 

Benjamin Netanyahu
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Netanyahu confirmed again via social media that the Israelis will continue with the operations, but this time it will be a somewhat stronger operation than before. 

The Israeli Prime Minister underscored his commitment to ensuring the safety of civilians, as he had previously announced. President Joe Biden supported Netanyahu on dealing with Hamas but emphasized the priority must be the safety of civilians.

“We will fight until complete victory and this includes a powerful action also in Rafah after we allow the civilian population to leave the battle zones,”-Netanyahu said.

Netanyahu is happy that the Israeli army has achieved huge successes recently. For him, the most important thing is that the Israeli hostages are freed. That was one of the imperatives of this operation. There is also hope that in the future, Israelis will successfully free as many civilians as possible, although the exact number is currently unknown.

“So far we have freed 112 of our hostages with a combination of strong military pressure and firm negotiations. This is also the key to freeing more of our captives — strong military pressure and firm negotiations.” - he said.

Reactions from international organizations and many countries were not absent. If Israel continues with this kind of operation, there is a great danger of a large number of victims as well as a humanitarian crisis. This operation could only be a confirmation of the chaos that has been going on for a long time. 

We will see if there will be reactions from other world leaders in the next few days. However, if everything remains only a verbal reaction, it is difficult to expect the Israelis to completely stop their operations.

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