Peruvian Police Use Teddy Bear Disguise to Arrest Drug Dealers on Valentine's Day

The Peruvian police brigade, one member of which was disguised as a bear, made a spectacular action to break the network of the drug clan

by Sededin Dedovic
Peruvian Police Use Teddy Bear Disguise to Arrest Drug Dealers on Valentine's Day
© Robertus Pudyanto / Getty Images

In an unusual operation, the Peruvian police in Lima managed to arrest two drug dealers thanks to a clever disguise: a police officer dressed as a giant teddy bear in the spirit of Valentine's Day. Authorities have uncovered information about women who allegedly sold cocaine and marijuana out of their homes in Lima County.

To make the arrest, one officer donned a fluffy orange bear costume, complete with a red balloon and the words "You are my reason to smile" in Spanish. The strategy proved fruitful. The policeman, posing as a romantic gesture for Valentine's Day, knelt in front of one of the suspect's houses.

When the woman came out, she was immediately arrested by the police officer and other waiting police personnel. They then entered the house and arrested the second woman. This is a very clever move by the police, and the Peruvian police themselves said that they are often forced to use a trick in order to get a "big catch".

"It was an opportunity for them to celebrate Valentine's Day," said a policeman wearing a costume, speaking to reporters. This is not the first time Peruvian police have used creative tactics to catch criminals. They used secret disguises and even timed operations to coincide with certain holidays.

The authorities seized several hundred packages of drugs from women's houses, and this is one of the most successful actions of the police in that country in the last few years. This success adds to Peru's ongoing fight against drug trafficking.

According to data from the Ministry of the Interior, in 2023 alone, Peruvian authorities seized 21.5 tons of cocaine and broke up 119 criminal networks involved in drug trafficking. "Operation Teddy Bear" as the journalists called it, attracted considerable attention, not only because of its ingenuity but also because of the unexpected use of symbols of love and affection in police work.

Although the long-term effectiveness of such tactics is still debatable, this particular case may be a strategy that needs to be adapted depending on the situation.