Gallant: Hamas losing spirit; Israelis frustrated with Brazilian president's remarks

"Hamas doesn't trust its commanders. Hamas's branch in Gaza is not responsive because there is no leader on the ground to talk to."

by Sead Dedovic
Gallant: Hamas losing spirit; Israelis frustrated with Brazilian president's remarks
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Israelis are optimistic about the future and the conflict between them and Hamas. Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, in his address, spoke about the goals of the Israelis, but a particularly important statement was his claim that Hamas is seeking a replacement for its leader in Gaza, Yahya Sinwar, as communication with him has been completely cut off. Additionally, Gallant emphasized that Hamas is losing its fighting spirit due to these developments. However, other Hamas leaders stress that their fighting spirit will never disappear.

Yahya Sinwar has been the leader of Hamas since 2017. Previously, Ismail Haniyeh held the same position. Sinwar is currently a crucial figure for Hamas, but Israelis intend to 'remove him.' Nevertheless, Sinwar is never in one place, constantly traveling from one location to another. Therefore, determining his place of residence is challenging.

Gallant emphasizes that Hamas soldiers no longer trust their commanders because they have lost communication with Sinwar. Gallant hopes that this will be an ideal opportunity for Israel to achieve its final goal. No one doubts that Hamas will have a leader in each branch to command. Gallant aims to exploit the chaos within Hamas.

"Hamas doesn't trust its commanders. Hamas's branch in Gaza is not responsive because there is no leader on the ground to talk to. This means there is an auction to decide who will govern Gaza... Currently, no one is in control, and no one is leading operations. This means Hamas is losing its fighting spirit," said Gallant.

He is particularly pleased that Hamas has no allies; no one has helped them at this moment. Many things seem to be going in favor of Israel, providing a great opportunity for them to try to destroy their enemy. Despite all circumstances, destroying Hamas will not be easy. It will require special dedication, a long period of struggle, and it is challenging to determine what is currently realistic and what is not in the Middle East conflict.

"No Iranians, no international aid. What is showing here is determination, persistence, and the Israeli military and national systems," he added.

Esmat Mansour, a person who was with the Hamas leader in prison, revealed in a media interview that after Hamas attacked Israel last year, they did not expect such a fierce reaction from the Israelis. Sinwar apparently had different plans, but given that Israelis immediately responded vigorously, the Hamas leader had to adapt to the new situation.

The Israelis are frustrated with the statements of the Brazilian president: We demand an apology

World leaders protest against what Israel is doing, but Israeli leaders do not have a specific reaction to such protests and different statements. Israeli leaders have a clear intention: to destroy Hamas. Some countries do not blame them for it, but the number of civilian casualties in Palestine is enormous, raising concerns that it will increase even more. One of those who strongly criticized Israelis is the Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. In a media interview, he compared Israel's actions to those of Adolf Hitler in World War II.

Lula da Silva
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"What is happening in the Gaza Strip with the Palestinian people has no parallel in other historical moments. In fact, it existed when Hitler decided to kill Jews," said the Brazilian president during the 37th African Union Summit in Addis Ababa.

It didn't take long for the Israelis to react. They are frustrated and disappointed with such statements from the Brazilian president. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu immediately responded. According to him, such comparisons are a 'crossing of the red line.' Netanyahu believes that the Israeli people only want to protect themselves from 'enemies.'

"This is trivializing the Holocaust and an attempt to attack the Jewish people and Israel's right to self-defense. Comparing Israel to the Nazis and Hitler means crossing the red line," said Netanyahu.

Israelis sought a reaction from the Brazilian presidential palace. In addition, the statements of the Brazilian president that this is a war between a 'highly prepared army and women and children' also provoked reactions. It is clear what stance the Brazilian president has regarding the war in Palestine. This has been evident since the beginning of this conflict, which has lasted longer than expected.

Israelis are offended and disappointed that leaders of certain countries support Palestinians. However, as the war progresses, it seems that Israel is gaining more enemies, primarily due to their manner of warfare. The significant number of civilian casualties is considered unacceptable by many. Netanyahu and other leaders do not intend to stop their policy and want to achieve their goal as soon as possible. Recall, in October last year, Hamas attacked Israel. Since then, there has been an intense conflict between Israel and Hamas.