Vladimir Putin provokes Ukrainians: The retreat from Avdiivka was a chaotic flight

"Around 6-7 in the morning, the enemy began a chaotic retreat."

by Sead Dedovic
Vladimir Putin provokes Ukrainians: The retreat from Avdiivka was a chaotic flight
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Russian President Vladimir Putin has already begun creating plans for the future, causing significant concern worldwide. Known as an authoritarian leader unafraid to make radical moves if deemed necessary, Putin regularly holds meetings with his advisors, especially since the war in Ukraine began.

In a recent meeting with Russia's Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, crucial topics for Russia's future were discussed. While the ongoing war in Ukraine was an inevitable topic, there were also discussions about placing nuclear weapons in space. Every move by Putin attracts immense attention.

Putin expressed particular satisfaction with the success of Russian soldiers in Avdiivka, a key city in Ukraine, following months of battles. Shoigu briefed Putin on the details of this battle, how the army managed to capture the city, and the current situation in the Ukrainian city. Putin decided to confirm through the media that Ukrainians had initiated a retreat at dawn, believing their goal was to conceal their escape. It's clear that Putin aims to humiliate the Ukrainians and play psychological games for victory.

"Around 6-7 in the morning, the enemy began a chaotic flight. Their troops were already in motion, obviously to cover their retreat. This was precisely a retreat, in the literal sense of the word," Putin stated.


Vladimir Putin believes that global and European leaders are making baseless noise. There is increasing coverage of Russian nuclear weapons and Putin's objectives in the media. The Russian president emphasizes that the media is spreading fake news. He once again confirmed that Russia is against nuclear weapons.

"Our position is clear and transparent – we are against placing nuclear weapons in space. We don't have them, and they know we don't have them. Yet, they continue to make noise," Putin said.

The Russian leader is disappointed with the stance of certain world leaders who are doing everything to prevent Russia from achieving its goals. Putin emphasized his willingness to negotiate, but he stressed the crucial importance of the other side being ready to negotiate. Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, finding a compromise has been challenging, as both sides have clear objectives. Many view Putin as a politician who is unlikely to agree to the conditions of the opposing side.

"At the same time, the nuclear space hysteria is being fueled to push us toward a dialogue on strategic stability. We have never been against negotiations. We are always for it. We reject nothing, but we must understand what they want. They want to gain unilateral advantages. It will not happen that way. Contacts are possible through the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs," Putin concluded.

Vladimir Putin can be pleased with the successes of his army. This is a momentum they want to capitalize on and continue with victories in the future. If we judge by some forecasts, this will be a great opportunity for the Russians to continue progressing and achieving goal after goal. Victories like the one in Avdiivka boost the morale of the army and its leaders. However, Ukraine and its army must not be underestimated, considering they have resisted a greatly stronger opponent in terms of both the number of soldiers and weaponry for two years. Ukrainians, nonetheless, have no intention of giving up their plans and do not want to allow the Russians to progress further.

Avdiivka has become a ghost town: Buildings in ruins and general chaos

In recent days, we have been receiving various images and videos from Avdiivka after the Russian army successfully took control of the city. The scenes are genuinely alarming: emtpty streets, a town devoid of life, and buildings reduced to rubble. This is the very scenario Ukrainians dreaded the most. Former inhabitants of this Ukrainian city are disheartened by the aftermath.

Avdiivka© Getty Images/Chris McGrath

Having lived in the city for numerous years, being compelled to abandon it is the last thing they desire. Nonetheless, this war has brought about numerous negative consequences.

According to some reports, approximately 900 civilians are still in the city. In an emotional interview with the media, one resident expressed both anger and sorrow.

"Cursed are those who perpetrated this. Avdiivka lies in ruins. My hometown, where I was born and raised, everything has vanished. God, why do you punish us like this?"

As mentioned earlier, this marks an important triumph for the Russians and an opportunity for them to keep their momentum. Global and European leaders are wary of witnessing further advancements by the Russian military. Hence, Zelenskyy and other prominent Ukrainian politicians stress the imperative need for EU and US countries to support Ukraine and provide assistance. If the Russians persist in their advancements, the situation could escalate, posing huge risks.

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