Israel bombed the refugee camp in Rafah: 99 Palestinians died in an hour

The Association of Independent Journalists reported that an entire family of seven died, including three children, a father and a mother

by Sededin Dedovic
Israel bombed the refugee camp in Rafah: 99 Palestinians died in an hour
© Ahmad Hasaballah / Getty Images

Reports coming out of Gaza this morning reveal a grim toll: 99 Palestinians died during the dark hours of the night in the Gaza Strip. One whole family, father, mother, three minor children and grandfather and grandmother died together, reports the Association of Independent Journalists.

Under the cover of darkness, Israel launched a new barrage of airstrikes on Rafah, located in the southern part of Gaza. The attacks took place last night, eerily coinciding with the start of intricate negotiations in Cairo aimed at brokering an end to hostilities within the embattled Palestinian enclave.

In an attempt to breathe life back into stalled negotiations, the United States' special envoy is due to arrive in Israel today. The specter of hunger looms over the population, and UN figures highlight the dire situation most face.

The global community is particularly concerned about the 1.5 million Palestinians who sought refuge in Rafah, on the border with Egypt, fleeing the conflict elsewhere in Gaza. Rafah, dubbed the last bastion of Hamas, has angered Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who, unfettered by international dissent, is considering launching a ground invasion of his territories.

During the previous night, the Israeli air force carried out a series of precision strikes, their thunderous echo echoing through the darkened sky above Rafah, as reported by a correspondent of Agence France-Presse. After a stay in Egypt, where new discussions on a cease-fire are underway, the trusted adviser to US President Joseph Biden will head to Israel.

The question is asked what is the purpose of this trip to Israel, is the purpose to convince Netanyahu to stop the criminal campaign or is he going to give new consultations to Israel in order to occupy all of Gaza and ethnically cleanse this area.

With urgency permeating the atmosphere, the United States is now negotiating a cease-fire, highly contradictory, after the UN Veto.
At the heart of the discourse is the opening phase of a carefully crafted plan, led by mediators coming from Qatar, the United States and Egypt.

The draft calls for a six-week truce, which includes a delicate exchange of prisoners and the unhindered flow of humanitarian aid to the besieged enclave of Gaza.