Israel Defense Forces Chief: We act like human beings unlike our enemy

“We still have a long way to go,” Halevi wrote

by Sead Dedovic
Israel Defense Forces Chief: We act like human beings unlike our enemy
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Israel Defense Forces Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Herzi Halevi often urges his soldiers through the media to abide by regulations and avoid harming civilians. Their intentions and goals are clear, at least based on what they have stated: the destruction of Hamas and the liberation of Israeli hostages. All operations they have initiated boil down to these two objectives. The question remains whether Israelis will succeed in their goals. Hamas is an organization willing to fight to the bitter end. 

Israelis believe they are superior to them. For this reason, they expect the war to come to an end soon and anticipate a final victory. Halevi emphasized the crucial need for caution, as they have a long road ahead. It is necessary to achieve their goals step by step. Halevi is a figure who considers tactical considerations important, advises against excessive haste, and emphasizes the importance of determination.

“We still have a long way to go,” Halevi wrote. "Israel was fighting a long and just war. Every move is very important, every local achievement is part of realizing the goals of the war. Do it with determination and professionalism.”

Halevi emphasized that their goal is not to be like their opponents. As we have already mentioned, the Israel Defense Forces Chief warns the army not to do foolish things because it can ultimately cost them. Mistakes made in the past have sparked the anger of the entire world and have influenced Israel to feel significant consequences that are yet to take effect. Halevi wants his army to be humane, avoiding unnecessary crimes, refraining from recording video clips from the front and avoiding any kind of theft.

“We act like human beings and, unlike our enemy, maintain our humanity. We must be careful not to use force where it is not required, to distinguish between a terrorist and those who are not, not to take anything that is not ours — a souvenir or weapons — and not to film revenge videos,” Halevi said, as quoted by timesofisrael

While many believe that Israelis seek revenge, Halevi has confirmed otherwise. Hamas is their biggest enemy, and they want Hamas to suffer losses and ultimately face absolute defeat.

“We are not on a killing spree, revenge, or genocide. We have come to win and defeat a cruel enemy, who deserves a bitter loss,” Halevi wrote.

Halevi addressed the Hamas attacks, and a final conclusion on what preceded it and why Hamas decided to engage in those attacks is yet to be determined.

Statements of Halevi from December 2023: There's no easy or quick way to defeat Hamas

In December of last year, Halevi spoke about the challenges of this war. Despite having strong military power and weapons, it's difficult to fight a war in such a territory. We must also consider the bravery of Hamas soldiers. In such an environment, achieving the goal is not easy, but Halevi has faith in his army that they will persist until the end and defeat the opponent.

Israeli Army
Israeli Army© Handout / Getty Images

Halevi talked about what the IDF has achieved in the ongoing conflict. They've been successful in stopping Hamas and destroying their secret hiding places and weapons. Halevi mentioned that the IDF is careful and uses a lot of powerful weapons from the air, sea, and land in their operations. He said that the war is happening in a complicated area, so it will continue for many more months. The IDF is always learning and changing its tactics based on where they are in the Gaza Strip. This is a well-trained army that knows the land, the enemy, and the enemy's strategies very well. When there's a war going on, it can be hard to use tactics because it's a chaotic situation where there isn't much time to think.

Halevi pointed out that there's no easy or quick way to defeat a terrorist group, but the IDF is really determined to keep fighting until they succeed. He also said it was right to set big goals for the war, and they believe they will achieve a lot, even though it might take a long time.  Israel Defense Forces Chief has called countless times so far on his soldiers to be patient. Being patient can be of great importance. 

Hamas proved to be a patient army waiting for its chance. It is clear that in this conflict there are a lot of tactics on both sides. No one wants to make hasty moves, considering the consequences that could follow.

Halevi thinks it's too ambitious to say there will be no more enemies around Israel, but they want to make the situation safer and more stable. It will be challenging, but Israelis remain optimistic.