Zelenskyy on Ukrainian Army Losses, Putin's Lack of Phone, and Leaked Plan

Zelenskyy is well acquainted with Putin's personality. They have had the opportunity to converse and negotiate on key issues in the past

by Sead Dedovic
Zelenskyy on Ukrainian Army Losses, Putin's Lack of Phone, and Leaked Plan
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At the press conference marking two years since the beginning of the war, Volodymyr Zelenskyy spoke about the war and the challenges that Ukraine has faced or is still facing. 

Zelenskyy discussed the peace agreement and the challenges Ukraine must confront in that regard. The Ukrainian leader also addressed the Russian leader, Vladimir Putin, and the difficulties they encountered in negotiations with him. 

Putin is a tough negotiator, and reaching an agreement with him is challenging. 

Being a president in such challenging times for your country is a significant responsibility and a difficult task. Assistance from friendly countries is essential for Ukrainians. 

However, Ukrainians face serious problems as the U.S. Congress has not voted on aid to Ukraine. Nevertheless, Zelenskyy remains hopeful that a solution can still be found. One topic of interest was the number of casualties in the war in Ukraine. Reporters were curious whether Zelenskyy had information about the casualties in Ukraine.

"31 thousand Ukrainian soldiers died in this war. Not 300 thousand, not 150 thousand, as Putin is lying about... Nevertheless, each of these losses is a great loss for us. 180,000 Russians died, a total of 180,000 deaths, and up to 500,000 wounded. I won't say how many Ukrainians are wounded, because Russia will know how many people have left the battlefield. There are missing persons, and I will not play with these numbers. Why? The last exchange showed that we would not be accurate because we returned several people who were on the list of missing persons, but two guys came back alive. And there are tens of thousands of dead civilians in the temporarily occupied territories," -Zelenskyy said, as quoted by newsukraine.rbc.ua!

In his statement, the Ukrainian leader discusses the country's anticipation of an invitation to join NATO at the upcoming summit in Washington. He emphasizes that the decision rests on key countries, specifically highlighting the United States and Germany as crucial players. 

The leader dismisses concerns about the invitation, asserting that any risks mentioned are primarily associated with the expected reaction from Putin. He expresses confidence in the step itself, stating that, from his perspective, there are no inherent risks. Additionally, he stressed: "If we are not invited, we will not be invited."

Entry into NATO could be a crucial matter for Ukrainians. Several countries close to Ukraine are in the process of joining NATO. There is immense fear of Russia and its future actions. The war could escalate to much larger proportions in the future. Because of this, Zelenskyy has emphasized many times that it is important to assist Ukraine because the war could spread to countries close to Ukraine, and even to the entire world!

Volodymyr Zelenskyy: Vladimir Putin doesn't have a cell phone, how can he call me?

When asked if he would answer a call from Putin, the President mentioned that Putin doesn't have a cell phone and joked about using telegraphs, which were used in the past. He expressed doubt that Putin wants to end the war and talked about various strategies, like weakening the Russian army and imposing sanctions. Zelenskyy hinted that affecting Putin's money is a crucial point, suggesting it is his weakness.

Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin© Guardian News / Youtube channel

Zelenskyy is well acquainted with Putin's personality. They have had the opportunity to converse and negotiate on key issues in the past. The Ukrainian president is aware of the danger Putin poses to Ukraine and the world. Therefore, Volodymyr often tries to be cautious in his statements. The Ukrainian leader has proven to be a wise politician, a brilliant strategist, and someone who truly possesses the qualities to lead a country like Ukraine. Although many were not optimistic that Zelenskyy could endure even a few months in this war, the former TV actor has shown everyone that he is the right person for the presidency.

Talking about the leaked counteroffensive plan for 2023, the President mentioned that things aren't going exactly as planned on the front, but he stressed the importance of having a plan.  Recent defeats of the Ukrainians on the front have raised concerns, but Zelenskyy is not overly worried about whether Ukrainians have the strength to defend themselves. The biggest problem is the lack of ammunition and weapons, which is why the Russians managed to make progress and capture Avdiivka.

Zelenskyy didn't share specific details, explaining that keeping the Ukrainian army's plans secret is crucial for a quicker victory. He also revealed that the plans were already known to the Kremlin before the counteroffensive started last fall. That is information that has shocked many, which speaks volumes about how crucial it is for Zelenskyy and those closest to him to have access to key information for the future of this war.