Slovak PM Drops Bombshell: NATO Members Discussing Sending Troops to Ukraine

"I cannot say for what purpose and what they should be doing there," he said.

by Sead Dedovic
Slovak PM Drops Bombshell: NATO Members Discussing Sending Troops to Ukraine
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Given that the war in Ukraine shows no signs of ending, but with indications that Russia is making progress and getting closer to its goals, NATO member states, as well as other countries worldwide, have realized the need to take action. 

If the Russians achieve their objective in Ukraine, the conflict could potentially spread to other nations. 

Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico surprised many today by confirming that several NATO and European Union members are considering sending soldiers to Ukraine on a bilateral basis. 

Fico, a notable figure since the beginning of the war due to his views not typical of most world leaders, had, at one point, opposed arming Ukrainians. During a meeting of European leaders in the French capital, Paris, Fico stated that he heard NATO countries are planning to send troops to Ukraine. However, the purpose of it all is still unknown.

"I will limit myself to say that these theses (in preparation for the Paris meeting) imply a number of NATO and EU member states are considering that they will send their troops to Ukraine on a bilateral basis," Fico said, as quoted by

"I cannot say for what purpose and what they should be doing there," he said.

Robert Fico also spoke about the reasons why Russia started the war against Ukraine. He believes that if Ukraine becomes a NATO member, it could mean the beginning of the Third World War. On the other hand, the Slovak Prime Minister is aware that such an invasion constitutes a violation of international law. 

Ukrainian Prime Minister, Shmyhal, emphasized that Slovakia has no intention of blocking Ukraine from buying weapons from Slovakia. 

As mentioned before, Fico has had a series of controversial statements regarding the war in Ukraine, and the majority of the Ukrainian population does not want to hear about him at all. Several other key political figures share similar views to Fico, which is truly shocking considering that we live in the 21st century

What is known is that NATO country leaders have repeatedly emphasized their readiness to help Ukrainians with arms and humanitarian aid, but they do not intend to engage in direct conflict with Russia. Despite NATO being significantly stronger than its opponent, they are aware of the potential consequences of such a conflict. 

The use of nuclear weapons is the greatest fear. This could bring total catastrophe to the world, and the consequences would persist for years ahead of us. It is a scenario that many do not even want to contemplate, and the right solution must be found for the conflict in Ukraine. Peace agreements between Ukraine and Russia should be imperative.

Emmanuel Macron, impressed by the bravery of the Ukrainians, emphasized that he is ready to support them

Emmanuel Macron also addressed those present, expressing his readiness to help the Ukrainian people. The French president sent a message to the Ukrainian people and the entire world via social media. He is impressed by the courage of the Ukrainians and their army, which manages to resist Russian attacks and are determined to defend its land.

"Two years of war. Battered and bruised, but still standing. Ukraine is fighting for itself, for its ideals, for our Europe. Our commitment at its side will not waver."- he wrote on X.

Macron Expresses Concern for Gaza in Call with Netanyahu
Macron Expresses Concern for Gaza in Call with Netanyahu© Getty Images

Entire France is ready at this moment to stand in support of Ukraine and help them achieve their goal: to defend themselves from a much stronger opponent. Since the beginning of the war, the French have emphasized that the war in Ukraine must stop! Since then, things haven't changed, but if the leaders of all countries express a readiness to truly prevent the war, it could happen. 

The presidential adviser sent a clear message to journalists:

"We want to send Putin a very clear message, that he won't win in Ukraine. Our goal is to crush this idea he wants us to believe that he would be somehow winning."-a presidential adviser told reporters.

Zelenskyy stated a few days ago that Vladimir Putin is a politician who has no intention of negotiating with Ukrainians, nor is he motivated to reach a peace agreement. His primary motivation is to conquer parts of Ukraine piece by piece, if possible. However, the Russian leader has previously spoken about Russia's readiness to negotiate but believes it is essential to make compromises.

Compromise has always been the main problem in wars. Each side wants to fully achieve its goal, which is impossible. Hopefully, both leaders will meet and finally confirm that the end of this war has come. That would change the overall situation in the world and be a confirmation of brighter days for everyone,

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