The Supreme Commander of the Ukrainian military announces the dismissal of commanders

This general has conducted a deep analysis and understands why certain brigades failed to resist the Russians

by Sead Dedovic
The Supreme Commander of the Ukrainian military announces the dismissal of commanders
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The Supreme Commander of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Oleksandr Syrskyi, is aware that he must take certain steps for Ukraine to achieve its war goals in the coming period. Syrskyi is ready to make specific moves and replace military leaders. Ukrainians are disappointed with certain leaders and are themselves calling for changes.

This general has conducted a deep analysis and understands why certain brigades failed to resist the Russians, while others succeeded in their intentions. Ukraine is not in an ideal situation, especially after the defeat in Avdiivka. Although it seemed that Ukrainians would defend themselves, a lack of weapons and many other factors influenced them to withdraw.

Ukrainians are not very optimistic after everything, but Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelenskyy calls for peace and emphasizes that this should not kill the motivation and desire of the Ukraine army. In addition, the Ukrainian president revealed that Ukrainians had to withdraw to save soldiers' lives.

Soldiers in this city had been resisting for 10 years but ultimately failed to achieve their goal. Avdiivka is a city that could potentially make a great turnaround in the war. The fact that Ukrainians withdrew from several villages near Avdiivka cannot give Ukrainians optimism.

Avdiivka© Getty Images/Chris McGrath

Oleksandr Syrskyi wants to make a careful decision and lead people who deserve to be there. The Supreme Commander of the Ukrainian Armed Forces does not want to make mistakes and patiently considers the options he has at the moment. He wants to remove from duty those commanders who made decisions hastily, without thinking, ultimately leading to the loss of a large number of Ukrainian soldiers. Such things should not happen in the future, as every soldier is crucial to the Ukrainians.

"It all depends, first of all, on the brigade commander, his training, experience, ability to make appropriate and balanced decisions, and understanding full responsibility for the execution of assigned tasks and for the lives and health of his subordinates in the brigade. Undoubtedly, the training and coordination of the brigade staff play a significant role through which the commander exercises his authority," said Syrskyi.

Oleksandr Syrskyi is a man with experience and great ideas. He has decided to even send groups of specialists to certain brigades to understand where the problem lies and to provide necessary assistance.

This general emphasized that the situation is not optimistic, but he believes in his soldiers' ability to truly resist the Russians. He is ready to take all steps to provide his soldiers with everything they need for defense. Ukrainians have shown bravery from the beginning of the war. Although the forecasts were entirely different, the courage of these soldiers has contradicted all predictions in favor of the Russians. However, a lack of ammunition and weapons makes it increasingly difficult for Ukrainians to resist. In such an atmosphere, it is challenging to give optimistic forecasts for Ukraine's future, considering that Russians do not give up and aim to achieve their goal.

Bill Blair, the Minister of the National Defence of Canada wants to help Ukraine

Ukrainians could receive assistance from Canada soon. Namely, Bill Blair, the Minister of National Defence of Canada, has confirmed that there is a possibility that Canadian instructors may return to Ukraine in the coming period to train Ukrainian soldiers. He emphasizes that the most important thing is to ensure the safety of the instructors, whom he does not want to be near the combat zone, considering that it could have consequences for Canadians and the entire world. There would certainly be a response from Russia.

"It  has to be done in a fairly careful and limited way, the possibility of delivering training,"- he said, as quoted by pravda!

"I do not want to pit Canadian Armed Forces personnel anywhere near a combat theatre that could create the perception that we are taking on any component of a combat role," he continued.

Blair emphasized that they have trained Ukrainians before, but it is not a straightforward matter. There are specific obstacles in the whole process. Blair noted that there are ongoing discussions about the entire situation. However, Blair is optimistic that Canadians can indeed help Ukrainians who are in a difficult situation. Their intention is not to assist in the form of soldiers who will fight. They know that would be the worst possible move. They intend to train Ukrainians and provide them with important assistance

"We’ve been training Ukrainians everywhere, but I think there was some recognition that some of that training is challenging because it's difficult to get people out of Ukraine to do the training," Blair said.

"So (there were) some discussions that, could we do it more efficiently and is it possible to do it in Ukraine?" he concluded.