Netanyahu promised freedom for Muslims to pray at Al-Aqsa: Ben Gvir reacts strongly

“Ramadan is holy for Muslims, and the sanctity of the holiday will be preserved this year, as it is every year,” Netanyahu’s office promised.

by Sead Dedovic
Netanyahu promised freedom for Muslims to pray at Al-Aqsa: Ben Gvir reacts strongly
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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's office declared that Israel will maintain the current levels of worshipers allowed to pray on the Temple Mount during the initial week of Ramadan, refraining from any reduction compared to previous years.

Muslims worldwide are happy about this, but they still aren't convinced of the sincerity of Netanyahu and Israeli leaders regarding the security of Muslims at Al-Aqsa Mosque. Although there have been many reports in recent days that Israelis cannot agree on this, considering security measures and consequences, it seems they have made a final decision.

Netanyahu’s office, however, confirmed that they guarantee the safety of Muslims this month.

Benjamin Netanyahu Makes a Declaration in Gaza Conflict: Nobody Will Stop Us
Benjamin Netanyahu Makes a Declaration in Gaza Conflict: Nobody Will Stop Us© Getty Images/Sarah Silbiger

Al-Aqsa Mosque is important for Muslims, especially considering its location. The Israeli prime minister emphasized that Israel has a policy to respect all religions of the world and intends to continue doing so in the future. Netanyahu highlighted that Muslims will be safe during this month and during prayers.

“Israel’s policy has always been and will always be to maintain the freedom of worship for all religions. We, of course, have always acted this way during the Ramadan holiday, and we will act like this now.” - Netanyahu said during the session, as quoted by timesofisrael.

This session consisted of many important figures in Israeli politics. All important personalities in the politics and military of this state attended this meeting, supporting Netanyahu.

Netanyahu reiterated that Muslims will have the freedom to perform prayers. In addition to that, security measures must be at the highest level.

“We will do everything to maintain the freedom of worship on the Temple Mount, while appropriately maintaining security and safety needs, and we will allow the Muslim public to celebrate the holiday,” Netanyahu said.

Itamar Ben-Gvir and his character 

Ben Gvir is an individual known for his specific character and attitudes, and this time was no different. There are many things Ben Gvir did not agree with Netanyahu on. He still has not forgotten the Hamas attack and believes that such decisions by the Israeli prime minister can have consequences for Israelis.

“The decision to allow a similar ascent to the Temple Mount on Ramadan as in previous years shows that Netanyahu and the limited [war] cabinet think that nothing occurred on October 7. The decision endangers the citizens of Israel and may allow an image of victory for Hamas.”- Ben Gvir said.

Israel's National Security Minister, Itamar Ben-Gvir, is recognized by many as a radical, as previously mentioned, known for his firm and uncompromising stances. A former member of the controversial Kahane movement, Ben-Gvir's radical views have not caused positive reactions globally. Even prior to the conflict, he was known for statements that were often seen as racist and negatively inclined. He has faced legal repercussions, being convicted of racism and supporting a terrorist organization.

Ben-Gvir expressed concern about Palestinians entering Israel during the month of Ramadan in the middle of last month via social media. He fears potential conflicts and consequences. He emphasized that at this moment, there is no need for them to take risks and potentially worry about what might happen.

 "We should not allow residents from the [Palestinian] Authority to enter Israel in any way during Ramadan. We cannot take chances and risks."- he wrote on social media.

He placed special emphasis on the hostages in Palestine who are still not liberated. He considers it a defeat for the Israeli people if they truly allow such a thing.

“It can’t be that women and children are hostages in Gaza and we allow Hamas victory celebrations on the Temple Mount,” he said

The month of Ramadan is known as the holiest month for Muslims. It is a month in which Muslims abstain from eating, drinking, and everything else that breaks the fast. Muslims worldwide, but especially in Palestine, hope for peace during this sacred month. 

Israelis also fear a potential attack from Hamas, but it seems that Hamas leaders do not have such intentions. We will see what will happen in the coming days and during this sacred month for Muslims. Hopefully, there will be true peace and a sign that Israelis and Palestinians can live in peace in the future.

Netanyahu and other Israeli leaders hope that a solution can be found for the conflict that has been going for several months. Palestinians also fear an increasing number of casualties in the coming period. Peace is imperative for everyone at this moment, but the question remains whether it can truly be achieved in an atmosphere where the conflict seems to be escalating day by day.