Polish Foreign Minister's Remark Fuels Speculation on NATO Troops in Ukraine

"NATO soldiers are already present in Ukraine."- Polish foreing minister said

by Sead Dedovic
Polish Foreign Minister's Remark Fuels Speculation on NATO Troops in Ukraine
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Ukraine remains in a war that could be prolonged. The lack of military strength causes concern among Ukrainians but optimism among Russians. The arrival of NATO soldiers is one option but could potentially lead to a third world war. However, the recent statement by the Polish minister has sparked a lot of reactions.

Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski announced that NATO soldiers are already in Ukraine.

There have been indications of this before, but no one directly spoke about it. A representative of the European Union mentioned the presence of NATO soldiers in Ukraine a few months ago.

"NATO soldiers are already present in Ukraine. And I would like to thank the ambassadors of those countries who have taken that risk. These countries know who they are, but I can't disclose them. Contrary to other politicians, I will not list those countries,"- he said, as quoted by Kyiv post

According to statements from some officials, NATO soldiers have been present in Ukraine for some time. However, if this information were to become public, it could lead to significant chaos.

Radoslaw Sikorski: I appreciate the initiative of French President Emmanuel Macron

The Polish minister believes this is a great way to intimidate Putin. Although many fear the Russian leader, Sikorski believes that these actions must instill fear in Ukrainians. NATO is a much larger and stronger force that can straightforwardly solve this problem. Fear of a third world war and Russian nuclear weapons is why many believe this could create an even bigger problem.

"I appreciate the initiative of French President Emmanuel Macron because it's about making Putin afraid, not us being afraid of Putin," he said.

One of the European leaders who first proposed such an idea was Emmanuel Macron, who spoke about the option of sending foreign soldiers to Ukraine. Besides him, Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico also mentioned this option. However, other political leaders believe this is not the best option.

It will be interesting to see what the future holds, with optimism that this war can indeed come to an end.

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