Benjamin Netanyahu Urges Joe Biden for Consistent Support on Israel's Goals

"We will destroy Hamas, free our hostages, and ensure that Gaza doesn’t pose a threat to Israel again."

by Sead Dedovic
Benjamin Netanyahu Urges Joe Biden for Consistent Support on Israel's Goals
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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and America's President Joe Biden don't seem to be on such great terms anymore. A few days ago, the American leader warned the Israeli Prime Minister that the actions in Rafah would be the red line. 

Nevertheless, Biden is still ready to support Israel, as he says, 'they have the right to defend themselves'. What shocked many was the statement by the American president that Netanyahu is hurting Israel more than helping Israel. The number of civilian casualties is what worries the American president. Biden pointed out that the number of civilian victims is the opposite of what Israel advocates.

His statements could not pass without a reaction, and the Israeli Prime Minister pointed out that he was happy about America's support. Nevertheless, Netanyahu also referred to those statements by Biden that were not really in his favor. Netanyahu pointed out that Israel will win this war, there is no doubt about that.

"I deeply appreciate the support we have received from President Biden and the administration, and I hope it will continue. But let me be clear. Israel will win this war, no matter what.”- he said, as quoted by The times of Israel

The Israeli prime minister pointed out that Hamas is currently focusing its activities around Rafah, and for this reason, Rafah is their main target. Netanyahu is afraid that in the future Hamas could regroup, regain morale, and conquer Gaza again. 

This is the greatest fear of both him and the Israeli population. Israelis are afraid after the attack in October, Hamas could do the same thing again. 

The Prime Minister stresses that Hamas is a huge threat to Israel and its future. For him, the primary thing is to achieve victory against Hamas and release the hostages who have been in captivity for a long time.

“That is an intolerable threat to our future, and we will not accept it. We will destroy Hamas, free our hostages, and ensure that Gaza doesn’t pose a threat to Israel again,” he said.

What Biden emphasized is that Israelis must ensure the safety of civilians in Rafah. Netanyahu promised that it would be so. However, a month later, after all the events, it is hard to believe that it will indeed be the case. The Prime Minister is ready to do everything to provide security for civilians and prevent further massacres.

Benjamin Netanyahu isn't happy with Israel's allies who have changed their positions on Israel. Despite the enormous support they had from some allies, the Israelis now seem to have lost many friends in the world. The Israeli Prime Minister believes that Israel's defense supports both the destruction of Hamas and preventive action to prevent mass attacks. The action in Rafah, judging by his statements, is one of the ways Israel will defend itself.

“To our friends in the international community, I say this: You cannot say you support Israel’s right to defend itself, and then oppose Israel when it exercises that right.”

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Benjamin Netanyahu: For Hamas, every civilian death is a strategy

Netanyahu said that if someone supports Israel's aim to stop the group Hamas but then criticizes the steps Israel takes to achieve that goal, it doesn't make sense.  

He also argues that blaming Israel for civilian casualties, caused by Hamas using civilians as shields, is not fair. Netanyahu points out that Israel sees every civilian death as a tragedy, while for Hamas, civilian deaths are part of their strategy.

Netanyahu emphasized that pressure from individual countries will not stop them no matter what. He believes that the destruction of Hamas is crucial for the survival of this crisis. Netanyahu sees no other option than total victory. 

He is firmly convinced that the future holds great news for Israel and that the Israelis will achieve the final victory. From the beginning of the conflict, he cultivated optimism, believing in the final victory. 

Time will tell what will happen, but the priority for the entire planet is now to establish peace in the Middle East, considering that if this conflict continues, it could lead to even more tragic consequences.

Several world leaders, including Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, have pointed out that what Israel is doing is genocide. The Turkish leader does not understand why the world is watching the events in Palestine, and he fears that the number of victims could only increase. Erdogan pointed out that the only solution is an independent Palestinian state.

Erdogan called the Israelis murderers and believes that the Israeli leaders must answer for the atrocities committed during the conflict so far.

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