Exclusive: Macron Warns Against Russian Victory, Highlights Threat to Other Nations

"The war in Ukraine is existential for our Europe and for France."

by Sead Dedovic
Exclusive: Macron Warns Against Russian Victory, Highlights Threat to Other Nations
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Emmanuel Macron is highly respected worldwide for being one of the few leaders to speak out against the war in Palestine. Macron has repeatedly emphasized the need to send troops to Ukraine and insisted that Europe must do more regarding the war in Ukraine. In a major interview, the French President questioned Europe's credibility if Russia were to win this war.

“If Russia wins the war in Ukraine, Europe’s credibility would be reduced to zero,” he said, as quoted by The Telegraph!

In his interview with France 2 and TF1, Macron expressed his frustrations with the current events. The French president is aware of the consequences that could follow if Ukrainian leader Vladimir Putin achieves his goals. In such an atmosphere, Macron expects only the continuation of the Russian offensive, which could potentially spread to neighboring countries. Macron pointed out which countries are in danger.

"The war in Ukraine is existential for our Europe and for France.

Do you think that the Poles, the Lithuanians, the Estonians, the Romanians and the Bulgarians could remain at peace for a second [in the event of a Russian victory in Ukraine]?” he asked. “If Russia wins this war, Europe’s credibility would be reduced to zero.”- he continued.

The French leader reacted to a reporter's question about his position on sending ground troops. Macron has no such intentions at the moment as he is advocating for peace. However, he is aware of the potential dangers that could follow if the Russians continue the offensive and begin to achieve victories. For him, the most important thing is that the French stand firmly behind Ukraine, which is experiencing the most difficult times in its history. Macron is ready to take all measures, if necessary. Macron believes that the worst option is if Russia wins.

"We will never go on the offensive, we will never take the initiative.

France is a force for peace ... Today, in order to have peace in Ukraine, we must not be weak, and so we must look at the situation lucidly and say with determination, strong will and courage that we are ready to use all the means at our disposal to achieve our objective, which is that Russia should not win.”- he continued.

Macron believes that if the situation requires sending troops, France is ready to do so. However, based on his statements, the current situation does not warrant such measures. It seems that the French leader still prefers a peace-oriented approach, hoping for a resolution to the war. He is aware that potentially sending troops could have consequences that should not be overlooked. Nevertheless, if Russians take actions that pose a red alert for Europe, it's certain that the scenario of sending troops could become a reality. Macron emphasized that France is prepared to respond at any moment.

Emanuel Macron points out that it is difficult to predict events in Ukraine and the world

The 46-year-old president emphasizes that events in the world are changing rapidly. Few expected that the Russians would really be ready to attack Ukraine more than two years ago. However, Vladimir Putin and the Russian leadership decided on a bizarre move, shocking the whole world. Macron spoke about the unpredictability of war and events, stressing that no one expected that Europe and France would send tanks and medium-range missiles. Still, they did it.

Vladimir Putin hasn't spoken much since the beginning of the war. The Russian leader is known as a mysterious person with rigid stances and is willing to do anything to achieve his goal.

Vladimir Putin
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The French leader understands that Putin's behavior could imply even greater problems in the future. As we've already mentioned, Macron is one of the few leaders who seizes every opportunity to criticize Russia and its actions. It seems that his criticisms aren't yielding significant results. It's crucial that other leaders do the same.

After the interview, Macron took a moment to once again warn through social media that the Russians want to expand and have no intention of stopping. Emmanuel believes it's important to support Ukraine and emphasized that leaving Ukraine would significantly ease Russia's path, which Macron absolutely doesn't want. As countries that could be the next targets of Russia, the French leader highlights Moldova, Romania, and Poland. The Kremlin has repeatedly stated that they have no intention of conquering these countries and that their intentions are entirely different. However, it's difficult to trust anyone when it comes to war. History has often proven otherwise.

We can hope that the situation in the world can be better, because the events in Ukraine and the Middle East are not reasons to be optimistic. Leaders like Macron can certainly be initiators of peace, but it's necessary for the entire world to emphasize peace as the only option.

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