Vladimir Putin: Moscow Massacre Perpetrators Executed Citizens Like Nazis

Vladimir Putin expressed condolences to the families, aware that they are going through difficult times

by Sead Dedovic
Vladimir Putin: Moscow Massacre Perpetrators Executed Citizens Like Nazis
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Several armed attackers in combat gear stormed into a large concert hall in Moscow last night and opened fire with automatic weapons on the gathered crowd, reports The Guardian. Multiple people have been killed and injured. Russian media report that the attackers also used explosives, causing a large fire in the Crocus City Hall in the western part of Moscow.

According to media reports, at least 40 people were killed and more than 100 wounded. Immediately after that, there were reactions and rumors about who could have carried out such an attack. Of course, everyone primarily pointed the finger at the Ukrainians, believing that they sent a clear answer to the Russians. However, the Ukrainian military intelligence service accused the Russians of doing this to justify the war.

The European Union has reacted, shocked by such an attack. They immediately condemned the assault. The German Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed condolences to the families and emphasized the need to uncover who was behind this attack. The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs also expressed condolences, hoping that the perpetrators will be identified.

The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the attack in Moscow, it was announced on their Telegram profile. "Fighters of the Islamic State attacked a large gathering of Christians in the city of Krasnogorsk, a suburb of the Russian capital Moscow, killing and injuring hundreds and causing extensive damage to the site before safely withdrawing to their bases," they stated.

Flowers placed for those killed in the attacks on the Crocus City Hall near Moscow are seen outside the Embassy of Russia, on Ma
Flowers placed for those killed in the attacks on the Crocus City Hall near Moscow are seen outside the Embassy of Russia, on Ma© Leon Neal/Getty Images News

Vladimir Putin's reaction

Russian President Vladimir Putin reacted immediately after this massacre. The Russian leader believes that individuals deliberately do such things and kill Russian children. Putin compared the orderers and perpetrators of this act to the Nazis who committed similar massacres.

Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin© Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Sport

"The criminals, purposefully and in cold blood killed, shot our citizens and our children at point-blank range. Like the Nazis, who once carried out massacres in the occupied territories, they planned to arrange a demonstrative execution, a bloody act of intimidation."- Vladimir Putin said, as quoted by Anadolu agency.

Vladimir Putin expressed condolences to the families, aware that they are going through difficult times. The entire country is with the families, hoping that such scenes will not be witnessed in the future. Such events have provoked the anger of the Russian president, who intends to respond and prevent such incidents in the future.

"I express my deep, sincere condolences to all those who lost their loved ones. The whole country and our entire people are grieving with you," he said.

Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin© Omer Messinger / Getty Images

Russian leader confirmed that the four perpetrators were found and detained. Although they tried to hide and head towards Ukraine, the Russian army and police prevented them from doing so. Putin wants to uncover the intentions behind all this, and who are the masterminds behind these things. Although ISIS claimed involvement in this act, many are still skeptical about it. Such a terrorist act will require a deeper analysis, aiming to uncover the intentions of individuals. Vladimir Putin is known as a leader who has great people behind him, and we have no doubt that in the next few days, he will find out more

"All four direct perpetrators of the terrorist attack, all those who were shooting and killing people, were found and detained. They tried to hide and moved towards Ukraine, where, according to preliminary data, a window was prepared for them from the Ukrainian side to cross the state border. A total of 11 people were detained," he said.

Adrienne Watson reacts

Adrienne Watson, spokeswoman for the White House National Security Council, confirmed that Americans had previously had indications that such things could happen in the future. Russian residents are disappointed with the approach of the Russian authorities, who should have reacted better. There had been previous discussions about the need to avoid public gatherings and to flee from them. However, now it is too late for everything. Russians will be much more cautious in the future after such a terrorist act.

"Earlier this month, the U.S. Government had information about a planned terrorist attack in Moscow – potentially targeting large gatherings, to include concerts – which prompted the State Department to issue a public advisory to Americans in Russia."

In the coming days and weeks, we will get a clearer picture of the terrorist attack in Russia. The leaders of this country will not silently observe and watch such events in the capital of Russia. Vladimir Putin and the leadership of Russia intend to respond and increase security measures in the coming period. The war in Ukraine seems to have created chaos for the entire country.

Vladimir Putin