Viktor Orban on the most alarming thing in Ukraine: That was unimaginable

The Hungarian Prime Minister emphasizes that politicians and leaders worldwide must understand the seriousness of this war

by Sead Dedovic
Viktor Orban on the most alarming thing in Ukraine: That was unimaginable
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Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban spoke to the media about potential outcomes in Ukraine and what could happen in the coming months. While the focus has been on the involvement of some countries in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine since the beginning of the war, no NATO country has yet sent troops to Ukraine. However, things could change rapidly in the next few months. Viktor Orban highlighted that unimaginable things a few months ago could now become reality. As an example, he mentioned Germany, which denied helping Ukraine by sending deadly weapons, but things have now changed significantly.

"The most alarming thing is that what was unimaginable two or three months ago becomes an everyday event two or three months later.
I remember when the Germans said that they were not ready to send deadly weapons to Ukraine, we would rather send equipment, helmets ... And now they say that Germany should transfer to Ukraine missile systems that can be used to strike as far as Moscow or, at least, far into Russia,"
-Viktor Orban said, as reported by 1lurer!

The Hungarian Prime Minister emphasizes that politicians and leaders worldwide must understand the seriousness of this war and the consequences of their actions. Every move potentially triggers another move and sets off a domino effect. The greatest fear in the world is the escalation of a third world war. Such a scenario would be the last thing the world wants to see. A potential new world war would leave consequences we don't even want to think about. 

Victor Orban
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The world would be in complete chaos, with a high likelihood of resorting to nuclear weapons. Orban calls on everyone to observe the current situation rationally and to make the right decisions that will benefit everyone.

"This is not a video game. This is reality. The consequence of each decision is that someone may die the next day. By now, hundreds of thousands have died. The decisions here create widows, orphans, ruined lives, and destroyed cities."- Orban said.

Orban expects that world leaders hold a meeting and discuss the issues in Ukraine. Sending troops probably wouldn't be the best option at this time, considering the consequences. Orban wants rational discussions.

"We must draw the line somewhere."- Orban continued.

Viktor Orban has decided to criticize the domestic policy, as he is frustrated by the behavior of the left, which wants to involve Hungary in the conflict. Orban believes it is important to carefully observe the situation and approach such a problem in the right way. Orban emphasizes that the most important thing is to establish peace. The continuation of war is not something that will bring good to any of the participants in the war, nor the European countries. Orban calls for peace and dialogue.

"I've been thinking about whether we're approaching European politics correctly. It seems that the crucial question today is who supports peace and who supports war," he said.

Emmanuel Macron statements 

Statements by French President Emmanuel Macron from a few days ago did not go unnoticed. The French leader is someone who has repeatedly emphasized that he is ready to send troops to Russia if the need arises. He confirmed that he still has no such intentions, but if the situation becomes such that similar moves are required, Macron will not hesitate to send troops.

Emmanuel Macron
Emmanuel Macron© Michael Campanella / Getty Images

Macron is aware that a Russian victory could change the entire situation in Europe, as well as in France. Russian leaders are such that it is difficult to assess their intentions for the future, so Macron and other European leaders are calling for caution.

“If Russia were to win, the lives of French people would change. We would no longer have security in Europe."-Macron said!

Macron also spoke about the relationship he has with Putin. The French president does not like such questions, considering that their relationship is not the primary concern at the moment. Macron points out that people are dying every day, and that should be the focus. For him, the priority is to resolve this conflict and establish peace

“This isn't a novel or a soap opera. As we speak, men and women are dying in Ukraine under President Putin's watch,” Macron said.

Hungarian Prime Minister Orban has not yet responded to these statements, but last year he confirmed that European countries are balancing on the edge of war with Russia. Orban is not pleased with the fact that more and more European countries are sending weapons to Ukraine, which is fighting with Russia. All of this does not bode well for the future of Europe and the world. Hopefully, the leaders of European countries, as well as Ukraine and Russia, will find an adequate solution and finally put an end to rumors of a new world war.

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