The UN adopted a resolution for a cease-fire in Gaza: the USA agreed

The resolution, proposed by 10 elected members of the council, was supported by Russia and China and the 22-nation Arab group at the United Nations

by Sededin Dedovic
The UN adopted a resolution for a cease-fire in Gaza: the USA agreed
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The UN Security Council adopted a resolution calling for an "immediate ceasefire" in Gaza until the end of Ramadan, in a dramatic development where America reversed its previous position. This represents a significant change after Russia and China rejected a resolution sponsored by the United States last week.

The new resolution, proposed by ten non-permanent members of the Security Council, was supported by Russia, China and the Arab group of 22 countries. This unity reflects the significant deterioration of the situation in Gaza and the growing international outrage over the escalation of the conflict.

However, we note that this is a resolution that refers to a truce until the end of Ramadan. Therefore, this is not a resolution for lasting peace, so the decision of the USA may not be so encouraging. A previous vote on the US-sponsored resolution led to tensions.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has threatened to cancel a planned trip to Washington to protest US support for the ceasefire. However, this time the United States did not oppose the resolution, but abstained from voting, allowing it to pass.

This signals a possible change in the US attitude towards Israeli policy in Gaza. A previous US-sponsored resolution called for an "immediate and sustainable cease-fire," a departure from its traditional stance of not pushing for a cease-fire during past conflicts.

This change was already an indication of Washington's growing concern over the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. Today's vote and US neutrality come as UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warns of a potential humanitarian disaster in the event of an Israeli ground invasion of Gaza.

His words reflect growing international fears and an attempt to prevent further escalation of the conflict. He himself said that if nothing changes, he will leave the post of UN Secretary General due to shame and the inability to influence the famine and humanitarian disaster in Gaza.

The resolution represents a fragile hope for a ceasefire, but only during Ramadan. However, it is crucial to see if all parties will respect the ceasefire and take concrete steps towards a more lasting peace, because it could be concluded from Netanyahu's statements that they are not in favor of this concession.

The international community must continue to put pressure on all actors to comply with the resolution and stop the violence.

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