Israeli President, Isaac Herzog: We Have to Bring Hamas Leader Dead or Alive

“At the end of the day, there’s no choice, we have to keep fighting."- Herzog said.

by Sead Dedovic
Israeli President, Isaac Herzog: We Have to Bring Hamas Leader Dead or Alive
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The Israeli leader emphasizes the same thing week after week: 'We intend to destroy Hamas and their leaders, we will ensure security for civilians. We want to achieve the final victory.' Such messages from the Israelis do not inspire trust in everyone. 

Namely, the growing number of civilians in Palestine deepens the crisis and causes greater fear that the Israelis will continue with the same practice in the future, despite the warnings of world leaders, such as US President Joe Biden. The President of Israel, Isaac Herzog, confirmed that the Israelis intend to capture or kill the Hamas leader in Gaza, Yahya Sinwar. He stresses that this is their only remaining option and that they have nothing else to do.

“At the end of the day, there’s no choice, we have to keep fighting, we need to bring Sinwar dead or alive so we can see the hostages brought home,” Herzog says, as quoted by The Times of Israel!

Sinwar is someone who Israelis have had their sights on for a long time. As an excuse for their actions, they also cite that Hamas first started its attacks in October last year, provoking a response from the Israelis. Herzog is angry because Hamas started shedding the blood of innocent people. 

The IDFs Pursuit of Hamass Top Man: Yahya Sinwar
The IDFs Pursuit of Hamass Top Man: Yahya Sinwar© Getty Images News

He placed special emphasis on Sinwar, whom he considers the main culprit for everything that has happened from October until today. In the holy month for Muslims, Herzog believes that the last thing Muslims need is such a conflict. Considering the pressure from the public and world leaders, the Israeli president stresses that Israelis cannot bear the blame. He points out that Sinwar will not escape from this situation, and punishment will follow for all his deeds.

“This is the reality, and the world should take note: It all starts and ends with Sinwar. He’s the one who decided on the October 7 massacre, it’s he who has looked to spill the blood of innocents, he who works to enflame the whole region, to destroy Ramadan, does everything to ruin coexistence, here and across the region, to cause us to fight with each other and with the whole world. It’s he who seeks to deploy terror, and the whole world and the whole region should know that responsibility is his alone and he won’t get away with it. We won’t let him.”- Herzog continued.

What is interesting is that the Israelis withdrew their negotiating team from Qatar, considering that the leaders of Hamas rejected their offer in the negotiations regarding the hostages and the truce. Benjamin Netanyahu's office cannot respond to Hamas' demands, which include the withdrawal of the IDF from Gaza and a complete end to the war. The Israelis have said that they will not give in to such demands. One of the diplomats revealed that Hamas demanded that the residents of Gaza return to the north, without emphasizing the release of the hostages.

Hamas explained that it stands by its original positions, given that the Israelis did not listen to their demands, which they had already talked about earlier. They believe that Netanyahu and his government are responsible for the failure to reach an agreement.

Israelis are losing support in the world

What can scare the Israelis is that they no longer have the support they had since the beginning of this conflict. Regardless of the warnings that appear from week to week, the Israelis do not hesitate with their operations. The head of American diplomacy, Antony Blinken, is disappointed with the Israelis, given that they have not presented a credible plan for the protection or education of over 1 million people in Rafah. 

Joe Biden and Antony Blinken
Joe Biden and Antony Blinken© Drew Angerer / Getty Images News

It is also interesting that Netanyahu canceled his visit to the United States of America, considering that they were reluctant to vote in the UN Security Council on the resolution on the Gaza ceasefire.

This kind of atmosphere in the Middle East does not give optimism that there will be any peace in the coming period. Since October last year, the Israelis have firmly stood behind their positions and intend to achieve their final goal.

The biggest fear for world leaders is the increase in the number of civilian victims. These are unacceptable things that should be resolved as soon as possible. Moreover, they should have been resolved much earlier.

Israel, as we have already said, is slowly losing support, and it will certainly have a difficult task to succeed in its intentions, given the lack of support from some of the largest countries in the world.

The coming days could reveal something more to us and confirm whether there are any chances to achieve at least a temporary peace. So far it doesn't seem like that.