Belarus President Denies Moscow Terrorists Firstly Heading to Ukraine as Putin Said

"They could not enter Belarus in any way. They understood that."- Lukashenko said.

by Sead Dedovic
Belarus President Denies Moscow Terrorists Firstly Heading to Ukraine as Putin Said
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After the massacre that occurred in Moscow, where at least 130 people were killed, reactions followed worldwide. The most anticipated reaction came from Russian President Vladimir Putin. The Russian leader emphasized that the perpetrators of the terrorist act intended to flee to Ukraine. This provoked strong reactions from Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is frustrated as Russians always seek blame everywhere else but within themselves. He emphasized that Putin and his associates cannot pass such judgment without any evidence. Zelenskyy believes Russian policy is absurd, considering they decided to attack Ukraine, kill civilians, burn buildings, and yet still blame Ukraine. The Ukrainian leader considers such actions hypocritical.

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko also responded to Vladimir Putin's statements, denying that the attackers immediately headed towards Ukraine. Lukashenko stresses the attackers headed toward Ukraine only after attempting to reach Belarus, albeit unsuccessfully.

"They could not enter Belarus in any way. They understood that. And so they turned around and went to the section of the Ukrainian-Russian border."- he said, as quoted by PRAVDA!

Alexander Lukashenko, Vladimir Putin
Alexander Lukashenko, Vladimir Putin© Handout / Getty Images

Lukashenko points out that the Belarusians cooperated with Russia when it comes to this terrorist act and that they intended to stop the terrorists with joint forces.

"As soon as the heads of state [Lukashenko and Putin - ed.] received information from special services that the car transporting the terrorists was moving towards Bryansk, an agreement was reached that Belarus would block its section of the alleged criminal movement, while Russia would block its own."- he continued.

It has been known for a long time that Russia and Belarus have excellent relations, and their relations have become even better since the war in Ukraine. The Belarusian president sided with Putin, supporting him since the first day of the war. Lukashenko emphasized that the best thing for Ukrainians is to enter into negotiations as the imperative would have to be the end of the war.

Vladimir Putin reacts

In his address, Vladimir Putin stated that this is a shameful act for which the perpetrators will be held accountable. After the investigation was made, it was established they had the intention of moving towards Ukraine, where everything was ready for them. However, they did not succeed in their intention. They were arrested not long after, and videos from their trial are already appearing on the Internet. It can be seen on them that they were previously beaten, given the interrogations that must have lasted for a long time.

"As for the investigation. I can tell you the following: all four perpetrators have been found and detained. They sought to escape and were moving towards Ukraine, where a back door had been prepared for them to cross the border."- Vladimir Putin said.

Vladimir Putin and Sergei Shoigu
Vladimir Putin and Sergei Shoigu© Handout / Getty Images News

Although Vladimir Putin suspected that Ukraine was responsible for such a terrorist act, ISIS took responsibility and thus solved the doubts.

Russian citizens are in immense fear after such an act, expecting that the same could happen in the future. Russians are aware that their country has been in turmoil since the war with Ukraine. Strained relations with many countries, economic decline, and potential attacks on Russia are just some of the reasons why the Russian population does not feel secure in their country.

Terrorist Attack in Moscow
Terrorist Attack in Moscow© The Times and The Sunday Times / YOutube channel

Judging by the elections in Russia, the residents of Russia are satisfied with Vladimir Putin as president, as he has been re-elected as the new/old president of Russia. However, world leaders still have question marks above their heads and are not quite sure if the Russian leader has the support of the citizens of this country.

The question arises whether the elections in Russia are regular at all, and whether Putin ascended to the presidency through democratic and fair elections.

The Russian president denies there were any irregularities during these elections and emphasizes that he will do everything in his power to lead Russia in the right direction. Putin is optimistic about the future and destiny of this Eastern country.

The Russian leader is confident in Russia's victory in the war in Ukraine, expecting that his army will do its best and succeed in its intentions.

The terrorist act in Moscow can only further spoil the already strained relations between Ukraine and Russia. Vladimir Putin is probably still firmly convinced that Ukrainians are involved in this whole act.

Although the goal should be to calm the situation in Ukraine and reduce tensions between these two countries, their relations are worsening day by day, with less and less optimism that this war can come to an end.

Both leaders stand firm behind their positions, hoping to achieve their goal in the war.