Pope Francis Sends Intriguing Messages on Ukraine and Palestine Conflict

Pope Francis sparked anger a few weeks ago by commenting on the war in Ukraine

by Sead Dedovic
Pope Francis Sends Intriguing Messages on Ukraine and Palestine Conflict
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Pope Francis emphasized during his address to the world on Sunday that it is crucial at this moment for a ceasefire to prevail in Gaza and for the release of Israeli hostages. From the central balcony of St. Peter's Basilica, Francis addressed everyone, emphasizing that his thoughts are with the victims of conflicts prevailing in the world. For him, it is most important to respect international law, which is not necessarily the case in countries plagued by war, alluding to Ukraine and Palestine.

“My thoughts go especially to the victims of the many conflicts worldwide, beginning with those in Israel and Palestine, and in Ukraine. May the risen Christ open a path of peace for the war-torn peoples of those regions. In calling for respect for the principles of international law, I express my hope for a general exchange of all prisoners between Russia and Ukraine, all for the sake of all.”- he said, as quoted by The Hill!

The priority for all world leaders is to ensure that humanitarian aid reaches Gaza, given that the problems have persisted for several months. Pope Francis is disappointed with the current situation in the world, especially with the civilian casualties, including children. In countries devastated by war, one can feel sadness, helplessness, and suffering. Children in Palestine and Ukraine do not understand what is happening, and surely wonder why such conflicts occur in their countries. Pope Francis emphasized that war is senseless and brings no good to anyone.

“Let us not allow the current hostilities to continue to have grave repercussions on the civil population, by now at the limit of its endurance, and above all on the children. How much suffering we see in the eyes of the children: The children in those lands at war have forgotten how to smile. With those eyes, they ask us: Why? Why all this death? Why all this destruction? War is always an absurdity; war is always a defeat.”- Pope Francis continued.

Pope Francis, just like everyone, is worried that such conflicts could reach larger proportions, and that complete chaos could arise. He believes that weapons are the last measure that can be used to achieve peace. Conversation, understanding, and compromise are crucial to achieving peace. However, wars are such that often one or both sides are not ready to negotiate in such a way. It is to be hoped that such conflicts and turmoils will not lead to what the whole world fears the most.

Francis hasn't forgotten Syria and the suffering of its people. He also mentioned the Haitians and the Rohingya. For him, it's crucial that political leaders worldwide understand the seriousness of the situation and therefore take all necessary measures to stop these conflicts. Although we may hear encouraging messages from world leaders week after week, we can't feel any progress in achieving peace. Watching destruction, killings, and helpless children is the last thing we would want.

Pope Francis' earlier statements caused the anger of Ukrainians

Pope Francis sparked anger a few weeks ago by commenting on the war in Ukraine. Although Francis didn't want to take sides, many perceived his statements as suggesting that Ukrainians should give up, expecting a Russian victory. 

Francis highlighted that the bravest leaders are those who prioritize people and are willing to negotiate. However, there's not much readiness for negotiations in Ukraine, as evident. 

Nevertheless, his remarks about Kyiv, where he emphasized that Kyiv shouldn't be ashamed to talk to Putin and his regime, provoked a reaction from the Ukrainian population. 

Vladimir Putin and Pope Francis
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Francis believes that negotiations must be the key for Ukraine before things get worse. He suggests that when you feel defeated and things aren't going well, you must have the courage to negotiate, as negotiation is never a surrender. 

Ukrainian leaders weren't pleased with these statements, emphasizing that they have no intention of giving up and are ready to fight to the very end.

Ukrainians emphasize that Russians aren't really ready to negotiate, given their goals and intentions. Some Ukrainians believe that Pope Francis should send messages to Russian President Vladimir Putin urging him to be ready to negotiate and encouraging him to withdraw his troops. This is one-way peace could be achieved. 

Such statements from the Pope have further stirred the anger of the Ukrainian people, who are frustrated by messages from such important figures in the world as Pope Francis. They have no intention of giving up and plan to fight to the very end.

As we have said many times before, peace does not seem like a realistic option at this moment, given that Vladimir Putin, judging by everything, is planning a new offensive. The question is when that will happen.

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