Finland closed the entire border with Russia indefinitely

The government of Finland decided today to keep the land border with Russia closed "until further notice" in order to prevent Moscow from causing an influx of migrants across the border, which the Kremlin denies

by Sededin Dedovic
Finland closed the entire border with Russia indefinitely
© Sean Gallup / Getty Images

Finland's government today decided to keep its land border with Russia closed "until further notice" to prevent an influx of migrants across the border, although the Kremlin denies any such situation. The move comes after Finland closed its border in November, opened it briefly in December and then closed it again until April 15.

Although Finland claims that this move is specifically due to the migrant crisis, but considering Finland's entry into NATO and the complex geopolitical situation, there could be many reasons. Judging by the statements of Finnish officials, Russia is acting against Finland by allowing a huge number of migrants to enter their country.

Finland's interior minister, Mari Rantanen, pointed out that "there is nothing to suggest that the situation has changed significantly" and that the border will remain closed. The decision is part of a broader plan to control the flow of migrants and preserve the country's security, according to Finnish officials.

Along with the closure of the border, the authorities also announce a ban on recreational boating at border crossings for maritime traffic in the Gulf of Finland. Such measures are introduced to prevent unauthorized activities along the border and maintain control over the territory.

In addition, the Government is preparing a draft law that would allow it to limit the reception of asylum applications to a "restricted area" near the border. This is part of preventive measures to prevent an uncontrolled influx of migrants and facilitate the management of the asylum procedure.

Relations between Finland and Russia, which share a 1,340 kilometer border, have deteriorated since February 2022, when Russia invaded Ukraine. This led to Finland, which had long been militarily neutral, joining NATO in April 2023.

This accession to NATO has further strained relations between Finland and Russia and poses challenges in the management of their bilateral relations. Relations between these two countries have never been great, but now they have never been this heated.

Accordingly, Finland is forced to take measures to protect its borders and ensure the safety of its citizens, taking into account the complex geopolitical dynamics and challenges arising from the situation on the world stage.