Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu Announces Planned Attack on Rafah; US Worried

Netanyahu has confirmed that civilians will be protected and that there will be no problems

by Sead Dedovic
Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu Announces Planned Attack on Rafah; US Worried
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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu still firmly stands behind his positions, ready for Israel to achieve victory in Palestine and fulfill its primary goal: the destruction of Hamas! The Israeli Prime Minister confirmed yesterday that a specific date has been set for the Israeli army to invade Rafah. He emphasized via social media that he had received a report on negotiations in Cairo. He hopes to free hostages and achieve victory over Hamas, as already stated. He believes that the first step towards this is to enter Rafah, the city where displaced Palestinians are located.

“Today I received a detailed report on the talks in Cairo, we are constantly working to achieve our goals, first and foremost the release of all our hostages and achieving a complete victory over Hamas,” Netanyahu said in a video message posted to X.

“This victory requires entry into Rafah and the elimination of the terrorist battalions there. It will happen, there is a date,” -Netanyahu continued.

The statements of the Israeli Prime Minister could not go unnoticed. It is apparent that leaders of major countries are less willing to support the Israeli Prime Minister, as his statements and positions are far from what they initially supported. Netanyahu has changed in a short period of time, provoking anger from political leaders around the world. However, Netanyahu has no intention of analyzing the reactions of others, aware that he is just wasting time. He expects the Israeli army to achieve its goal and for Israel to never again experience what it endured from Hamas last year.

A spokesperson for the US State Department, Matthew Miller, stated that Israel has not informed the Biden administration of the date it plans to launch a major offensive on the city of Rafah in southern Gaza. 

Miller reiterated that Washington opposes a large-scale invasion of Rafah, arguing that Israel can achieve its war objectives through other means.

There is a huge fear in the US that Palestinian civilians will be victims of this attack, although they have previously warned the Israeli Prime Minister to ensure the safety of civilians. The question arises: Is that still possible at this moment?! Netanyahu has confirmed that civilians will be protected and that there will be no problems. However, there is skepticism towards his statements, especially after a significant increase in civilian casualties was recorded in October last year. Joe Biden does not want to see such a scenario and has sent warnings to the Israeli Prime Minister several times.

Joe Biden
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Rafah is home to over a million Palestinians who have been displaced from other parts of Gaza, and many world powers have warned Israel against launching an offensive on this city, as it would lead to significant suffering for Palestinians.

In its attacks on Gaza, Israel has killed over 33,000 people, the majority of whom are women and children. If an attack on Rafah occurs, this number could only increase. Such a scenario would be an additional catastrophe.

The statements of the Israeli Prime Minister that regardless of (non)support from the US they plan to carry out an offensive on Rafah are alarming. Netanyahu has become a politician who does not react to the statements and warnings of others, believing that other countries like the US do not view the situation rationally. 

Countries around the world, especially developed ones, understand Israel's fear of Hamas but also emphasize the high number of civilian casualties. This is what they are primarily concerned about, especially when a large number of civilians are now located in Rafah. 

US President Joe Biden criticized Benjamin Netanyahu

American President Joe Biden criticized Netanyahu, emphasizing that the US stance towards Israel will be determined by how Israel prevents an unacceptable humanitarian situation. Israeli airstrikes last week have caused concern. In that attack, 6 workers with the World Central Kitchen were killed. Even the President of Israel, Itamar Ben Gvir, has no intention of listening to the messages from the US.

US President Joe Biden encourages both sides, especially Israel, to engage in negotiations with Hamas and reach the best option for everyone, which is a ceasefire. Talks between Hamas and Israel seem to be progressing, but it's difficult to say whether they will reach a final agreement. 

Both sides must be willing to compromise at this moment, as it is the only way to stop this conflict. The involvement of world leaders could be beneficial, considering that the conflict between Israel and Palestine has been going on for years, and someone must step in and offer a solution. We will see how willing both sides are to negotiate and bring about the best solution not only for their own country but also for the other side.