US General: Russia's military has grown back to what they were before

Russian President Vladimir Putin is ready to use such circumstances and launch an offensive

by Sead Dedovic
US General: Russia's military has grown back to what they were before
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Judging by everything, the Russians intend to strengthen their military forces and capitalize on the advantage they currently have. Namely, Ukrainians face issues regarding both military strength and armaments. Volodymyr Zelenskyy calls on world leaders, primarily US President Joe Biden, to assist in the form of armaments, but given the issue in Congress, there are still no signs that aid will arrive. 
Russian President Vladimir Putin is ready to use such circumstances and launch an offensive. Gen. Christopher Cavoli, head of U.S. European Command and NATO's Supreme Allied Commander in Europe, highlighted that even though the Russians have some shortcomings, they remain a strong military force and intend to further strengthen their army in the coming period.

Cavoli has concerned not only Ukrainians but the whole world, emphasizing that the Russian army is now 15% larger than it was when they invaded Ukraine. Vladimir Putin is working patiently, cautiously, and has no intention of giving up his goals. Although there has been much talk of Russian losses, their military strength appears to be so immense that despite losses, they continue to recover quickly and carry on as if nothing has happened. The Russians have made huge progress in terms of front-line troop strength. In such an atmosphere, it's hard to expect Ukrainians to offer serious resistance. Military analysts are questioning how long the Ukrainian army will be able to withstand a significantly stronger opponent.

"Russia is reconstituting that force far faster than our initial estimates suggested. The army is actually now larger — by 15% — than it was when it invaded Ukraine. Over the past year, Russia increased its front line troop strength from 360,000 to 470,000."-Cavoli wrote!

The Ukrainians are waiting for assistance from the US, and that is their priority now. They are aware that without US assistance, they will struggle to resist and offer serious resistance to a force like Russia. Internal conflicts within Congress are the last thing Ukrainians need. 

Cavoli believes this is a serious situation that requires specific measures. He emphasized that the US must support Ukraine because if they do not support Ukraine, this country could lose. 

Although Cavoli did not speak about the potential consequences if Ukrainians lose the war, it is clear that this could indicate the beginning of a new war, this time involving other neighboring countries. This is what world leaders fear, as well as the neighboring countries of Ukraine. The greatest fear is certainly of a third world war, which would bring even more catastrophic consequences than any war in our history. However, these are all still assumptions, but they speak volumes about how crucial it is to help Ukraine.

Cavoli addressed the House Armed Services Committee on Wednesday, highlighting the severity of the situation by stating that Russia's actions are causing massive destruction comparable to the devastation seen during the Second World War. He stressed the disproportionate power balance between Ukrainian and Russian troops, with Ukrainian soldiers facing important challenges in combat against Russian forces. Cavoli stressed the seriousness of the situation, emphasizing that the stakes are incredibly high.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy sends a clear message to the US and the world

Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelenskyy believes that analyses and predictions regarding the war in Ukraine offer little benefit to the country. The only thing that can truly assist them is support from the US and other major nations. Russians continue their attacks, remaining dedicated in their objectives, and it appears they have significant plans for the near future.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy
Volodymyr Zelenskyy© Alexey Furman/Getty Images News

Zelenskyy transmitted a message through social media, expressing concern that continued Russian attacks, including missile strikes and the use of drones, not only threaten Ukraine but also undermine the determination of its allies. He warned that allowing such aggression to persist could effectively grant legitimacy to acts of terrorism on a global scale. 

This is not the first time Zelenskyy has warned about the consequences that could arise if the Russians achieve victory. The Ukrainian leader believes that the situation could become even more chaotic, with the prospect of a new world war looming. For this reason, he considers assistance from major countries crucial, as they too could suffer the consequences of Russian aggression in the future.

Zelenskyy emphasized the urgent need for air defense systems and other forms of military assistance, rather than simply ignoring the situation or engaging in lengthy discussions without taking concrete action.

The number of civilian casualties in Ukraine is rising, with fears that it will continue to increase in the near future. Volodymyr Zelenskyy is facing huge challenges. If assistance does not come shortly, the consequences could be catastrophic for this country. We will see what the reaction will be from the US and other countries.

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