Israel was helped by the USA, Great Britain, France and Jordan to protect itself

The US, Great Britain, Jordan and France have helped Israel defend against an attack by Iran, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and officials said

by Sededin Dedovic
Israel was helped by the USA, Great Britain, France and Jordan to protect itself
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The US, Great Britain, Jordan and France have demonstrated their solidarity and support for Israel in its defense against Iran's latest attacks, according to a statement from the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and officials.

IDF spokesman Daniel Hagari emphasized the importance of France's assistance, highlighting its technological capabilities, including aircraft and radars. Hagari said that France contributed to airspace patrols, although the details of whether French planes shot down any of Iran's missiles are still not fully known.

In addition to France's help, the US, Great Britain and Jordan also stepped in to help Israel intercept drones and missiles fired by Iran into its territory. The IDF announced that it had intercepted a large number of missiles fired by Iran, successfully preventing a potential threat to Israel's security.

Namely, 99 percent of over 300 Iranian missiles that were aimed at Israel were intercepted. This coordinated response among international partners points to the importance of cooperation in defense against potential threats, demonstrating readiness to protect peace and stability in the region.

Isaac Herzog, an Israeli official, warned of the seriousness of Iran's attacks, characterizing them as a declaration of war against Israel. This attack further aggravated the already tense situation in the region. "This is a declaration of war.

Now, because we are restrained and because we know the consequences and because we have discussions with our partners, we are considering all options and I am quite confident that we will take the necessary steps to protect and defend our people.

We are not looking for war,'' Herzog told Sky News. The president of Israel again denied his country's involvement in the attack on the Iranian consulate in Damascus, which led to Iran's attacks last night, and said that the target was a building near Tehran's diplomatic mission in Syria.

Herzog said Israel was pleased to be "part of an incredible coalition of nations that helped prevent most of the rockets and drones from entering Israel" during last night's attacks by Iran.

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