Warning from the White House: Joe Biden Cautions Israel on Retaliation Against Iran

Joe Biden is aware of the chaos that could ensue if Israel retaliates against Iran

by Sead Dedovic
Warning from the White House: Joe Biden Cautions Israel on Retaliation Against Iran
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The American president, Joe Biden, has repeatedly warned Israel's Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, about the consequences that could arise if Israel decides to retaliate against Iran for the recent night attack. The American president is aware that Israel's attack on Iran could deepen the crisis and have even greater consequences for everyone involved. 

A senior US government official spoke about this a few days ago. Although he opposes Israel's attack on Iran, Biden is willing to assist Israel in defending against its enemies. It seems that Israeli leaders are open to peace and currently have no intention of attacking Iran.

“This is something that is constantly being discussed with the Israeli side and other allies, Biden also made it clear that the US would help Israel to defend itself.

Israel had made it clear to the U.S. government in the past talks that it was not looking for a significant escalation with Iran.”- he said, as quoted by Daily Post!

John Kirby, communications director of the U.S. government’s National Security Council, also emphasized a few days ago that he does not want the conflict between Palestine and Israel to spread to other countries. This could create a crisis unlike any we have seen before. Kirby confirmed that they have no intention of going to war with Iran, as US President Joe Biden also stated. 

John Kirby
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Kirby believes that it is now up to Israel to respond. The US has supported Israel since day one and has never hesitated in its assistance to the country. At times, it may have seemed like that support was slowly fading, especially after Biden warned Netanyahu about the operation in Rafah out of fear of an increase in civilian casualties. However, US leaders have no intention of changing their policy towards Israel, aware that this country could find itself in a dangerous situation if Iran continues its attacks, potentially drawing in other countries as well.

IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gene. Herzi Halevi confirmed that Israel will attack Iran

Although Americans hope that Israel will not retaliate, IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Herzi Halevi has emphasized that Israel will respond to Iran's attacks. A key figure in the Israeli military believes that Iran sought to harm Israel's strategic capabilities, something they have not witnessed before. He confirmed that they are prepared for the 'Iron Shield' operation, where they will demonstrate their air superiority. Iranians could have expected Israel to react in this way, and it seems that the other side is also prepared. If both sides continue to retaliate moment by moment, the chances of even greater chaos and larger problems in the world increase.

Halevi was aware of the dangers that could follow from countries like Iran. After Israel attacked the Israeli consulate in Damascus, they knew that Iranians were preparing a response. Also, Iranians are now in the same situation. He emphasizes that Israel is strong and ready to face any enemy. They are a country accustomed to threats, but partnership with other countries like the US is key to their victory. Israelis consider themselves superior to some countries, ready to defend themselves.

“Last Monday, we saw what was being organized, and we think that the State of Israel is very strong and knows how to deal with it alone, but with a threat so numerous and so far away, we are always happy to have [the United States] with us,” Halevi says.

Halevi confirmed that the Israelis are analyzing the current situation, looking to the future, and considering what to do. After Iran attacked Israel, Halevi confirmed they are ready to respond. We will see how strong the response will be. There is tremendous concern in the world.

Nasser Kanani disappointed with the reaction of Western countries to Iran's attack on Israel

The spokesperson for the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Naser Kanani, is frustrated with the world's reactions, as many have condemned Iran, believing that this will lead to war between Iran and Israel. Kanani believes that leveling accusations against Iran is the last thing Western countries should do. 

He emphasizes that they should primarily blame themselves for not taking any action to prevent Israel from committing crimes in Palestine. Kanani confirmed that Iran has no intention of continuing the conflict and that the country's leaders, including the president and minister, have already outlined Iran's position within international law. 

Iranians are known as a fighting nation, ready to defend themselves and preserve their country. The Iranian population called for retaliation after the Israelis attacked the consulate in Damascus. It seems that Iranians are disappointed with the hypocrisy of Western countries, which silently watch what Israelis are doing in Palestine without taking concrete actions.

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