The Israeli ambassador to the UN compared the Iranian leader to Adolf Hitler

“We are surrounded by Iran’s terror proxies. This attack crossed every red line and Israel reserves every right to retaliate."

by Sead Dedovic
The Israeli ambassador to the UN compared the Iranian leader to Adolf Hitler
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Israeli leaders believe they have the right to retaliate against Iran after Iran launched an attack on Israel a few nights ago. They expressed their opinion during a UN emergency meeting. Gilad Erdan, the Israeli ambassador to the UN, emphasized that Israel is surrounded by terrorists, alluding to Iranians. He points out that such attacks on Israel trigger responses from the country, which has the right to both defend itself and retaliate.

“We are surrounded by Iran’s terror proxies. This attack crossed every red line and Israel reserves every right to retaliate.”- Erdan said, as quoted by Al Jazeera!

Erdan believes that the Islamic regime today is no different from the one practiced by the Third Reich, comparing Iran's leader Khamenei to Adolf Hitler. Israelis have been emphasizing for years that they are in a difficult position, surrounded by states that do not want to see an independent Israel and are ready to destroy them. 

Ali Khamenei
Ali Khamenei© Majid Saeedi/Getty Images News

Leaders worldwide, and certainly more interesting to us, US President Joe Biden, have called on Netanyahu for peace, emphasizing not to retaliate. However, Israel's military leadership has no intention of passively observing such attacks, expressing readiness to retaliate. The question is how far this will lead and what may happen in the coming period. Of course, nothing positive or good can be seen if Israel decides to retaliate. It's still unclear whether the Israelis will retaliate, but all signs indicate that such a scenario could occur.

Since assuming office, Erdan has consistently highlighted the threat posed by Iran, emphasizing the need for concrete action against the Ayatollah regime. He has stressed the urgency of curtailing Iran's hegemonic aspirations for global dominance to prevent the world from sliding into an irreversible state, potentially triggering a regional conflict that could spiral into a global war. The Israelis believe that Iran poses not only a problem for them but also for other countries worldwide, fearing that Iran could create significant issues for the world.

The Israelis were familiar with the mentality of the Iranian people and their leaders, known as a resilient nation, ready to do whatever it took to achieve their goals. This is also one of the reasons why the Israelis could expect such an outcome, especially after the attack on the Iranian consulate in Damascus. After such an attack, it was difficult to expect that the Iranians would not retaliate in some way.

He confirmed that the world had the opportunity to see the true face of this country and that the warnings mentioned by Israel must serve as evidence for leaders worldwide to understand what is happening. In his opinion, Israel seeks to achieve world domination by spreading the Shia revolution.

Herzi Halevi confirmed that the Israelis will respond to Iran

Chief of Staff of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), Herzi Halevi, has sparked concern globally, but also positive reactions within his country, emphasizing that Israel's response to Iran's attacks will soon follow. They do not want to witness the same scenario where Iranians carry out attacks on them again. They intend to demonstrate their strength to Iran and show them who they are dealing with. Their aim is to assert their dominance and warn Iran of the consequences that could ensue if this conflict between the two countries continues.

The Israelis are already crafting a plan to retaliate against the Iranians who have fired more than 300 projectiles into Israeli territory. Military and political experts and analysts believe that Israel has several options at this moment. Some experts believe that Israel could respond by targeting Iran's military assets or nuclear program. Their intention is to send a message to Tehran that they do not want to see casualties in Iran but that they have their military objectives.

Halevi also didn't forget to mention the US, which has been ready to assist Israel in its fight against its enemies from the very beginning. Having such allies is a huge advantage for Israel and its leaders, who emphasize that they are not afraid of any country. The coming days and weeks could reveal what the final scenario will be. Leaders worldwide hope that this conflict between Iran and Israel will not continue. Both countries are aware of the potential consequences the conflict could bring and what it would mean for them. This is also one of the reasons why no one wants to make hasty decisions that could cost them in the coming period.

World leaders are not only concerned about the situation in the Middle East but also when it comes to Ukraine. They are aware that such a scenario does not bode well for the world and that it could lead to enormous consequences for everyone.