Zelenskyy Awaits US Aid: Without This Support, We'll Have No Chance of Winning

"Today, our artillery shell ratio is one to 10. Can we hold our ground? No."

by Sead Dedovic
Zelenskyy Awaits US Aid: Without This Support, We'll Have No Chance of Winning
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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, in an interview with REV, discussed the war in Ukraine and the fact that the Russians managed to destroy the Trypilska thermal power plant due to a lack of missiles for defense. Although Ukrainians succeeded in shooting down the first seven, four managed to destroy Trypilska. He emphasized that the reason for this was the lack of missiles. It is precisely for this reason that Zelenskyy believes that allies, primarily the US, must help Ukraine. 

The assumptions are that Ukraine will continue to lose on the battlefield if the reaction of American leaders remains the same. The Ukrainian leader has been calling on the US Congress for weeks to come to an agreement and finally find a solution. This atmosphere does not promise that Ukraine will have the strength to respond to a stronger enemy.

"I will give you one example, a very simple example. The Trypilska power plant, electricity in the Kyiv region depends on it. 11 missiles were headed towards it. The first seven, we took down. Four destroyed Trypilska. Why? Because we had zero missiles. We ran out of all missiles. When someone says that our allies cannot provide us with this or that weapon, or they cannot be in Ukraine with this or that force because that would be perceived as if Ukraine is engaging NATO in the war." Volodymyr Zelenskyy said!

In response to the recent attack, Zelenskyy raised a question regarding Israel's NATO alliance. He emphasized that Israel is not a NATO member but highlighted the support it received from NATO allies. This support sends a clear message to Iranian forces that Israel is not standing alone. Zelenskyy sees this as a lesson for those advocating cautious assistance to Ukraine to prevent NATO involvement in the conflict.

NATO has expressed readiness to assist Israel during the Iranian attack and succeeded in stopping Iran's intentions. The US, the United Kingdom, France, and other countries were prepared to aid Israel, but it appears that this time they do not have the same willingness to assist Ukraine.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy
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Zelenskyy emphasized that Ukraine is primarily responsible for defending its airspace. While they do receive support from allies in terms of equipment, there is still a shortage. However, he highlighted the crucial difference with Israel's situation, where there was protection from allies. Zelenskyy stresses that without such support, Ukraine would face greater bloodshed and loss of life.

Recent events on the front lines speak volumes about the advantage Russians have in terms of weaponry and military strength. What likely concerns Zelenskyy and other Ukrainian leaders is the potential reaction of Vladimir Putin, who could launch a major offensive to achieve his ultimate goal. Such a scenario seems increasingly realistic. Ukrainians aim to buy time and resist the opponent, but the question remains: for how long? The Ukrainian leader has no doubt that Russians are carefully monitoring the situation, analyzing what actions they could take in the near future.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy on US aid

The Ukrainian president eagerly awaits approval from the US Congress for aid worth $60 billion. The biggest hurdle in the whole story are the Republicans. Zelenskyy feels a mixture of fear and impatience, aware that if they continue to wait week after week, the worst-case scenario could become a reality. The Ukrainian president has confirmed that without such assistance, Ukraine stands no chance of victory. His intention is to level the playing field in terms of armament on the front lines. The Russians have a significantly stronger and better-equipped army. Zelenskyy is not naive and is aware of what could happen.

"I can tell you, frankly, without this support, we’ll have no chance of winning. You need to be much stronger than your enemy. Today, our artillery shell ratio is one to 10. Can we hold our ground? No. In any case, with these statistics, they’ll be pushing us back every day. To defend 100% of what’s in our control, we would need to go from one to comparing numbers, 10 to 10."-Zelenskyy continued.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy responded to reporters' questions regarding US aid and Ukraine's intentions for the future. While some believe that this move will secure an offensive and potential victory, it seems that the intentions of the Ukrainian president are not as such. Ukraine's primary goal is to defend itself and prevent further loss of territory in the near future. Zelenskyy emphasized that the situation is challenging for them, as they are fighting against a large army. He identifies the numerical superiority of the Russians in terms of military strength as the main problem. He stresses that Russian military and political figures lack empathy and are willing to send their soldiers to their deaths. Their priority is to achieve military victory, regardless of the consequences that may follow.