Israeli General Doubts Iran's Defense; Iranian General's Statements Alarming

Haimovich is not particularly convinced of the strength of the Iranian air defense

by Sead Dedovic
Israeli General Doubts Iran's Defense; Iranian General's Statements Alarming
© Majid Saeedi/Getty Images News

The Israelis have no doubt that their state will be successful if they intend to target objectives within Iran. It is still unclear whether the Israelis will retaliate, aware of the possible consequences, but it seems that the military leadership has such intentions in the near future. 

Brigadier General Zvicka Haimovich, former head of the Israeli Air Force's air defense, commented on Iran and its armament. He believes that the Iranians are a superpower with tactical ballistic missiles and drones. Haimovich is not particularly convinced of the strength of the Iranian air defense, considering that their anti-aircraft missile systems date back to the 1970s. They believe it is outdated technology with which the Iranians cannot defend themselves. They stress that Iran would not be particularly successful if Israel were to attack them.

“Our air force and coalition air forces flew in this environment. They know how to deal effectively with this system. I will give them respect, but that will not be the main challenge dealing with Iran.”-Haimovich says, as quoted by The Times of Israel!

Haimovich confirmed that such systems are deployed in Syria, which has already given Israelis experience, as they are well aware of Iran's capabilities. This is one of the reasons why Haimovich and other military leaders believe that Israel would have an easy task. On the other hand, Israelis are considering their options at the moment, aware that it is crucial to carefully consider their next moves. Hasty decisions could cost them dearly. Israeli leadership is considering what their next move could be, with ambitions for this country to achieve ultimate victory.

Iranians also have no intention of sitting calmly, waiting for an Israeli attack. A senior Iranian Revolutionary Guards commander force responsible for the Protection and Security of Nuclear Centers in the country, Major General Ahmad Haghtalab, reacted to Israeli threats and the potential Israeli attack on Iranian nuclear sites. Haghtalab emphasized that his country has a prepared response if Israelis decide to attack. The priority at this moment is to defend using air defense systems. The military official is frustrated by Israeli threats, which have been ongoing for years and not just in the current state of conflict. He also addressed some attempts by Israelis to sabotage Iran.

"The possible threats from the Zionist regime are not something new. Since the previous years, the fake Zionist regime not only has threatened, it has done acts of sabotage and terrorist actions against the nuclear industry."- he said!

The most important thing for the Iranian people and leadership of this country is Ahmad's optimism that Iran will succeed in defending itself against potential Israeli attacks on Iranian nuclear facilities. He confirmed that they have identified Iranian nuclear facilities, emphasizing 'our hands are on the trigger.' 

This is a serious threat to Israel, which must carefully consider what their next steps will be. Some Israeli officials and military leadership stand out publicly, emphasizing that the option of attacking Iran is a very real one. Both sides remain firm in their positions as the world tries to calm the situation. When a problem has already been created, it is difficult to expect peace so quickly. However, it is still necessary to foster optimism that these two countries can cease threats and attacks.

The European Union confirmed sanctions against Iran

The question is how Europe and the world can calm the situation, but one of the options certainly are sanctions, which have not yet shown any results when it comes to Russia, so it is questionable whether they will produce results when it comes to Iran. European Union leaders have increased sanctions against Iran, with European Council President Charles Michel confirming that they will do whatever is necessary to prevent Iran from succeeding in its intentions. 

European Union
European Union© Sean Gallup/Getty Images News

Some leaders expect Israel to end the conflict with Iran and not respond by attacking Iran. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has spoken about such an option. The European Union has previously imposed sanctions on Iran for human rights violations, the spread of weapons of mass destruction, and Tehran's support for Russia's war in Ukraine. 

It seems that many countries are open to such sanctions against Iran, aware of the dangers that could arise. For now, the priority of world leaders is for Iran and Israel to attempt to achieve peace and forget about previous events. The chances of that happening are slim, but we will see whether sanctions or something else will bear fruit and prevent chaos in the Middle East.

Day by day, fierce statements from both countries' military and political leadership are coming, ready to react if the other side attacks, and some even threaten with an attack.