Israel attacked Iran: At the same time, IDF also attacked the Syrian army

Israel launched an attack on Iranian territory this morning, an unnamed US official told CNN

by Sededin Dedovic
Israel attacked Iran: At the same time, IDF also attacked the Syrian army
© Israel Defense Forces / Youtube channel

This morning, Iran's air defense "successfully shot down" several Israeli drones over Isfahan province, but for now there is no information about a possible missile attack, the Iranian Space Agency announced. Hossein Dalirian, a spokesman for the agency, said there was currently no information about the airstrike outside Isfahan, after US television reported an alleged Israeli attack on Iran.

According to an unnamed US official, ABC News previously reported that Israel carried out the attack in retaliation for recent Iranian strikes on Israeli territory. Reuters reports confirmation from three people familiar with the matter, while Iranian state media reported early Friday that its forces had destroyed the drones, days after Iran retaliated with a drone attack on Israel.

One source told Reuters that the US was not involved, but that Israel had informed them before the attack. Iran's Fars news agency reported that three explosions were heard near a military base in the central city of Isfahan.

An Iranian official told Reuters that there was no missile attack and that the explosions were the result of the activation of Iran's air defense systems. Iranian state television said that shortly after midnight, "three drones were spotted in the sky over Isfahan." "The air defense system was activated and destroyed these drones in the sky".

The broadcaster later said that the situation in Isfahan was normal and that there were no ground-based explosions. The Israeli military did not comment on the reports. CNN writes that Israel carried out the attack inside Iran, and that this is what an American official told this network.

CNN claims that this is a move that threatens to further escalate the regional conflict.

Benjamin Netanyahu© Sean Gallup / Getty Images

Iran activated air defenses in several provinces early this morning after reports of at least one explosion in the central part of the country, in Isfahan province, the IRNA agency reported.

The Israeli military has not commented on the explosions near a military base in central Iran. Also, the Israeli army announced this morning that the warning sirens were activated in the north of the country, further fueling the tension in the region.

These actions come in the context of increasing tensions between Israel and Iran, with both countries accusing each other of provocations and hostile activities. "No damage was caused in the overnight attack in Isfahan," said the state's senior commander of the Iranian army, Siavosh Mihandoust, according to the Times of Israel.

Attacks and counter-attacks between these two countries only deepen the existing geopolitical tensions in the Middle East region. While Israel insists on its security and right to self-defense, Iran claims that its activities are a response to aggression and pressure from Israel and its allies.

Iranian-Israeli relations have not always been as tense as they are today. Moreover, Iran was one of the first countries in the region to recognize Israel after its formation, and their diplomatic ties were severed only after 1979.

An unnamed Israeli official told the "Washington Post" that the attack by Israeli drones on an Iranian military site early this morning was intended to send a message to Iran that Jerusalem could launch an attack inside the country.

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) announced that there was no damage to Iran's nuclear sites, reports "Reuters". In a post on the X social network, the agency said it continues to closely monitor the situation and calls for extreme restraint from all sides, stressing that "nuclear facilities should never be the target of military conflict." Over the weekend, Iran launched hundreds of drones and missiles in response to an alleged Israeli attack on its embassy in Syria.

Most of the drones and rockets were shot down before reaching Israeli territory. On Thursday, Iran stated in the UN Security Council that Israel must be forced to stop all military attacks on its interests, while the UN Secretary General warned that the Middle East is at a moment of "greatest danger".

Attack on the positions of the Syrian army Israeli forces targeted the position of the Syrian army in the south of Syria early this morning, the Observatory for Human Rights (OSDH) announced. "The Israeli strikes targeted a Syrian army radar position between Sueida and Deraa provinces," said OSDH director Rami Abdel Rahmane.

He added that the attacks were "at a time when Israeli planes were intensively flying over the Deraa region", and that the Syrian air defense did not activate. The international community calls for restraint and a diplomatic solution to these conflicts in order to avoid escalation and potentially catastrophic consequences for the region and the world.

In the meantime, monitoring the situation remains crucial as the world follows developments in the Middle East with attention and concern.