Antony Blinken: No Double Standard in US Approach to Israeli Rights Abuses

"Do we have a double standard? The answer is no."- Blinken said

by Sead Dedovic
Antony Blinken: No Double Standard in US Approach to Israeli Rights Abuses
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Antony Blinken, the US Secretary of State, has decided to respond to statements from certain leaders and local populations who believe that Americans apply 'double standards' when enforcing American law regarding allegations of abuse by the Israeli military in Gaza. Blinken confirmed at a press conference that this is not the case. US intends to apply the law uniformly worldwide, regardless of the country. Blinken confirmed that his country aims to promote human rights.

"Do we have a double standard? The answer is no. In general, as we're looking at human rights and the condition of human rights around the world, we apply the same standard to everyone. That doesn't change whether the country is an adversary, a competitor, a friend or an ally," he said, as quoted by REUTERS!

Blinken explained that the Department has established internal processes to address allegations of incidents, including violations of international humanitarian law and human rights abuses. These processes are currently underway and actively examining the incidents that have been raised. The intention will be to uncover whether there were indeed violations of international humanitarian law. If such is determined, the process will be initiated.

Since the beginning of the war, there have been talks about the brutality of the Israeli military and their malicious intentions in Palestine. According to various reports, Israelis have committed numerous war crimes for which they must be held accountable as soon as possible. The fact that since the start of the latest conflict between Israel and Palestine, over 30,000 civilians have been killed, mostly women and children, speaks volumes about the atrocities within this country. Israelis, however, deny their responsibility for such crimes, mostly shifting the blame onto others or seeking alternative excuses.

The world protests against such actions by the Israeli military, believing that from day one, they have violated human rights in Palestine, aware that they are not acting according to the law. Nevertheless, Israelis do not attach too much importance to such reports and statements, hoping to achieve their wartime goals. They persistently claim day by day that their primary aim is to destroy Hamas, ensuring the safety of the civilian population without further escalation.

Many are skeptical when it comes to such statements, as it is difficult to confidently assert that the Israeli military will indeed uphold such promises.

The most prominent world leaders, such as US President Joe Biden, have sent a message to the Israelis, primarily to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, warning him that Israel must not violate human rights in Israel and must ensure the safety of civilians in the coming period. His warnings do not seem to have elicited a significant reaction from Israeli leaders, who have only affirmed that they will comply with such and similar directives.

Joe Biden
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Brian Finucane, Senior Adviser to the US Program at the International Crisis Group, is not happy with these statements from Antony Blinken, considering his remarks disingenuous. He has explained his viewpoint properly.

Finucane explained that when it comes to countries like Russia, there's a push to publicly address and determine alleged atrocities within a quasi-legal framework. However, with allies such as Israel, there's a different expectation to refrain from making any potentially uncomfortable legal judgments.

Joe Biden sent a warning

A few days ago, Joe Biden issued a noteworthy warning to the Israelis regarding their intentions to invade the city of Rafah, aware that such an operation could further destabilize the situation in Palestine in every sense. US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan confirmed the President's stance, emphasizing that such an operation could lead to more deaths of innocent civilians there, exacerbating the humanitarian crisis. 

In this Palestinian city, there are currently over 1.5 million people, whereas before the war, there were 300,000. The Israelis have no intention of abandoning their objectives, pursuing a final victory. Sullivan stressed that Gaza and other major cities are heavily destroyed. Israel still has no plan on how to ensure the safety of civilians.

Sullivan stressed that when you plan military actions, you also need plans to help people and to deal with politics. He explained that the president believes that military actions should have clear goals for the future. He also talked about how they agree with the prime minister about their goals, but they think they need a good plan to reach those goals.

US leaders are aware that Hamas is a group seen as causing harm, but they hope Israelis can achieve their goals without hurting civilians. Time will tell if that's possible. Looking at what's happened in recent months doesn't give us much hope that this war will end without more civilian casualties. We hope this conflict can stop once and for all.