Senate Approves Aid to Ukraine: Threats from the Kremlin over the US military aid

The Kremlin announced today that Russia will have to push the Ukrainian forces even further and expand the "buffer zone" if Kiev receives long-range ATACMS guided missile systems from the United States.

by Sededin Dedovic
Senate Approves Aid to Ukraine: Threats from the Kremlin over the US military aid
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The Kremlin today announced a strong position that Russia will be forced to take proactive steps to protect its interests if Ukraine receives support from the United States of America for the introduction of ATACMS long-range missile systems, which could seriously undermine regional stability.

Considering the possibility that Ukraine will be equipped with missiles with a range of up to 300 kilometers, the Kremlin has made it clear that it will be forced to expand its preventive measures. This would involve not only pushing Ukrainian forces further from the borders, but also creating a proactive "buffer zone" to protect Russian territories from possible attacks.

Russia, of course, considers the occupied Ukrainian territories as its own, and precisely that part of occupied Ukraine would be within the range of these most modern missile systems. One such attack could trigger a general Russian offensive against Kiev, which would create a catastrophic humanitarian situation.

Former president Medvedev himself said that the ultimate goal is Kiev. Meanwhile, US officials announced plans for a new military aid package for Ukraine, including the delivery of ATACMS missiles. It is expected that the new package of American military aid will also include missiles with a range of 300 kilometers, which would allow Ukraine to target targets in Crimea, reports Reuters.

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ATACMS missiles are mounted on trucks and can fly at a speed of mach three, which is significantly faster than the British and French missiles used by the Ukrainians.

The Senate's approval of four bills, including one related to military aid, is a strong political signal of US support for Ukraine and other allies. This is part of a broader strategy of the administration that seeks to strengthen partnerships in the Indo-Pacific and increase military support in order to preserve regional stability.

President Biden, emphasizing the importance of these laws, pointed out that he will sign them as soon as possible. The move comes at a crucial time as Russian invasion forces move toward Ukraine's borders, putting additional pressure on Kiev.

Zelensky all along put a lot of pressure on the US Senate to get this valuable help and it paid off for him in the end. Of the total amount of 95 billion dollars, the largest part, 61 billion, will be directed towards Ukraine in order to strengthen its defense capability.

One billion dollars will be delivered immediately, and the rest of the money and equipment in the coming weeks.

: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and U.S.

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The Pentagon is ready to quickly send a billion-dollar military aid package to Ukraine, several US officials said yesterday, while the upper house of the US Congress was just preparing to debate the long-awaited appropriations bill for Ukraine and other US allies, which was eventually passed.

The education was passed after several months of frustration where the members of the Congress were deeply divided over the funds, which is why the Speaker of the House of Representatives Mike Johnson made an alliance of the two leading parties in order to pass the law.

The foreign aid package of 95 billion dollars was adopted on Saturday in the House of Representatives, and the approval of the Senate has already been obtained. The package also includes various ammunition, as well as armored vehicles and other weapons.

US officials said some weapons would be delivered to the battlefield very quickly, perhaps even within days, but that for some things it "could take a little longer."


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Great pressure from Zelenskyi and the Ukrainians on the Biden administration

It must be acknowledged that the President of Ukraine played a key role in approving this aid, by lobbying daily and working to reach this decision.

He expressed satisfaction with this outcome and thanked the USA. "Democracy and freedom will always have global significance and will never fail as long as America helps protect them. The vital American Aid Act passed by the House today will prevent the spread of war, save thousands and thousands of lives, and help both of our nations grow stronger.

Just peace and security can only be achieved through force. We hope that the bills will be supported in the Senate and sent to President Biden's desk. Thank you, America," said Zelenski. Today again In a statement to Telegram, Zelensky said that the vote on the Ukrainian financial law strengthened America's role as a "beacon of democracy and leader of the free world." He added that he was looking forward to the signing of the law by US President Joe Biden, urging him to do so "as soon as possible".

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